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Experimental results from a slow active suspension
Authors: D. A. Crolla , Aref M. A. Soliman, F. M. El-Sayed and M. M. Alaily
Year: 1993
Keywords: Damping ratios, passive suspension systems, slow–active suspension systems, spring stiffness, test rig, active suspension systems, vehicle suspension, pneumatic suspension, pneumatic actuators, ride performance, mathematical modelling, vehicle design
Journal: International Journal of Vehicle Design,1993.
Volume: Vol. 14
Issue: 2/3
Pages: 226-245
Publisher: Print ISSN: 0143-3369 Online ISSN: 1741-5314
Local/International: International
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Full paper aref mohamed ahmed soliman _7-Experimental results from SA-IJVD-1993.pdf
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Experimental results of the performance of a pneumatic suspension fitted in a single wheel station test rig are presented. Results for both a passive and slow–active version of the suspension are compared; the slow–active version involves an additional pneumatic actuator which has limited frequency response capabilities. The slow–active system is shown to provide worthwhile improvements in ride performance compared with the passive system. A theoretical model of the slow–active suspension is developed and predicted results are compared with experimental measurements on the rig. The mathematical model produces optimistic results for both passive and slow–active suspensions and the practical limitations of the experimental hardware are discussed.

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