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The effect of the trailing implement characteristics on the tractor ride comfort
Authors: Aref M. A. Soliman
Year: 1994
Keywords: Trailing implement, tractor ride comfort, drawbar pull
Journal: 6 th conference on applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering, Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt, 3-5 May 1994
Volume: ----
Issue: -
Pages: 637-648
Publisher: Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt,1994
Local/International: International
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Full paper aref mohamed ahmed soliman _9- The effect of trailling imlement Char. of Tractor R. C.- Military T. C.- 1994.pdf
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Previous work on tractor ride dynamics has concentrated on motion of the tractor alone. However, for most of the time tractor is operated with a drawbar pull which represents tractor implements. This paper is concerned with the investigation into the dynamic ride behavior for an off road vehicle using drawbar pull. Different drawbar pull were used, and its effect on the tractor ride responses is evaluated. The influence of height for tractor hitch point, on ride response is studied. Furthermore, the effect of link length between tractor center of gravity and drawbar pull on the tractor ride comfort is also studied. A mathematical model for tractor with the drawbar pull is developed. Predicted results from the mathematical model indicate that as the drawbar pull is increased the tractor ride comfort improves. The effects of height hitch point and link length are discussed.

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