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Experimental results from a three setting switchable damper
Authors: Aref M. A. Soliman, D. A. Crolla, F. M. El-Sayed and M. M. El-Alialy
Year: 1994
Keywords: Switchable damper, passive suspension, ride comfort
Journal: 6 th Conference on applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering, Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt, 3-5 May, 1994.
Volume: ----
Issue: --
Pages: 715-726
Publisher: Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt,1994
Local/International: International
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Full paper aref mohamed ahmed soliman _8-Experimntal results from a three setting switchable damper - M.T. C.-1994.pdf
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A three setting switchable damper is fitted into a test rig; hardware and software are designed to control it. Experimental results of the performance of a three-setting switchable damper are presented. Also, a theoretical model of the three-setting switchable damper is developed. Practical limitations involving switchable damper time delay and threshold delay values are considered in the model. Predicted results are compared with experimental measurements from the rig. Results for both passive and three-setting switchable damper are compared. Theoretical results for a three-setting switchable damper were optimistic relative to those obtained experimentally. The three-setting switchable damper gives improvements in the performance criteria compared with the passive suspension system.

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