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An experimental and analytical study of the tractor ride comfort
Authors: . Aref M. A. Soliman, S. M. Moustafa, F. M. El-Sayed and K.A. Abd El-Gawwad
Year: 1995
Keywords: pitch motion, roll motion, tractor ride comfort, wheel damping, wheel stiffness, dynamic ride behaviour, off–road vehicles, mathematical modelling
Journal: Heavy Vehicle Systems, Special series, International Journal of Vehicle Design, 1995
Volume: Vol. 2
Issue: No.1
Pages: 58-76
Publisher: © 2015 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd., Powered by Atypon® Lite
Local/International: International
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Full paper aref mohamed ahmed soliman _15- An experimental and analytical study of the tractor ride comfort-IJVD-HSD-1995.pdf
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This paper is concerned with an investigation into the dynamic ride behaviour of a Nasr tractor (type 651) in three degrees of freedom. The tractor itself is treated as a rigid body undergoing vertical, pitch and roll motions. The influence of wheel stiffness is studied with a view to improving ride comfort. A mathematical model for an off–road vehicle (tractor) is developed, and the results it predicts are compared with experimental measurements. The experimental and theoretical results obtained indicate that the mathematical model produces optimistic results for the vertical pitch and roll directions. The effect of wheel stiffness and damping coefficient to improve the tractor ride response are discussed.

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