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Engine mount for improving vehicle ride performance
Authors: Ali M. Abd El-Tawwab and Aref M. A. Soliman
Year: 1997
Keywords: Engine mount, vehicle ride performance,rubber mounts
Journal: International Society for Terrain Vehicle Systems, 7th European ISTVS Conference, Ferrara, Italy, October 8-10, 1997
Volume: ----
Issue: --
Pages: 9-16
Publisher: Italian National Research Council, 1997
Local/International: International
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Full paper aref mohamed ahmed soliman _1-Engine mount dor improving veh ride perf.-ISTVS- Italy-1997.pdf
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The main sources of the vehicle vibration excitation are, the excitation by the road profile input and that is due to engine vibration The next factor results in inertia forces and moments as well as the moment of combustion. In this paper, a computational method is presented for an accurate dynamic analysis of the engine mount systems. Equations of motion for the engine mount systems are derived. In derivation of these equations a rigid body assumption is adopted and the engine is mounted in a quarter vehicle model. The rubber mounts are modeled as springs and dampers. Different engine mount systems are used and its influences on vehicle ride performance are evaluated. Results argumentation are presented.

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