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Active Suspension and Anti-lock Braking Systems for Passenger Cars
Authors: Aref M. A. Soliman, M. M Saber, K. R. M. Mahmoud
Year: 2009
Keywords: Anti-lock Braking Systems, Active Suspension, Ride Comfort
Journal: SAE International Congress, Detroit, Michigan, USA, 2009.
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The aim of this study is to create an integrated controller between the active suspension system and an anti-lock braking system using fuzzy logic control theories to improve braking performance. Also, the ride performance during braking is investigated. Braking and ride performances for active are evaluated using half vehicle model. The suspension system, tyre-road interface and anti-lock braking system model are included in the model. The anti-lock braking system and active suspension is compared with the anti-lock braking system combining passive suspension. The simulation result obtained show that the active and ABS system with integrated controller reduces the braking time and distance in the range from 3% to 5% compared with the same system without integrated controller. Furthermore, anti-lock braking system and active suspension improves ride comfort and safety in vehicles compared with passive system

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