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Framework Development of Cybercartography for Mobile Environment
Authors: Amr H. Ali
Year: 2017
Keywords: s Cybercartography, Mobile devices, Spatial visualization, Mobile mapping, API
Journal: American Journal of Geographic Information System
Volume: 6
Issue: 1
Pages: 14-25
Publisher: Not Available
Local/International: International
Paper Link:
Full paper Amr Hanafi Ahmed Ali_10.5923.j.ajgis.20170601.02.pdf
Supplementary materials Not Available

According to the different wide application of mapping for smart devices, a new paradigm of cartographic principles is needed, where Cybercartography is representing this new era of cartography. The main objective of this research is to propose a conceptual framework for Cybercartography that deals with theories and technologies of dynamic cartographic visualization of spatial data and its interactive use on smart devices. This framework consists of two main domains, the visualization domain and the technology domain. In order to prove the feasibility of the proposed framework, a customized application is developed using standard mobile software development kit (SDK) that is used to build highly focused generic Mobile GIS mapping solution with offline capabilities. It will be on encoding geo-information for smart devices along with handling dynamic symbolization and maintaining quality standards for the map rendering

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