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Developing Spatial Data Infrastructure in Egypt
Authors: Amr H. Ali
Year: 2015
Keywords: Standardization, Spatial Data Infrastructure, Data Migration, Data Accuracy, Interoperability.
Journal: International Journal of Emerging Engineering Research and Technology
Volume: 3
Issue: 10
Pages: 19 - 36
Publisher: Not Available
Local/International: International
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ABSTRACT The deficiency of the existing complex environment of different data formats, scales, storage, and accessibility with no specified user permissions increased the need of efficient and accurate digital maps. Accordingly, Egypt nowadays needs to proceed with the development of data management, as well as the analysis of data and the production of comprehensible and accurate standard spatial database container to mitigate the decision-making processes. The main objective of this research is to originate the Egyptian Stranded Spatial Data Infrastructure (ESDI). This involves not only, the generic conceptual frames of the ESDI, but also a physical implementation of its core components. Moreover, it provides the design of the spatial database model hand in hand proposing the characteristics and specifications, as well as a framework for the data migration process from diverse heterogeneous data sources. We are going to define the quality assurance guidelines and the quality control procedures that must be applied. Furthermore, the research is going to examine and improve data holding capacity, increase data accessibility, and interoperability according to specific permissions/rights. Keywords: Standardization, Spatial Data Infrastructure, Data Migration, Data Accuracy, Interoperability

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