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Location Commerce Triangle, ITI 6th Arab GIS Conference Arab Map, Cairo, Egypt -September .
Authors: Ali A. H., and EL-Amir E.M.
Year: 2005
Keywords: GIS, E-business, Position techniques, GPS, GPRS, GSM, Navigation, LCommerce, E-Commerce.
Journal: ITI 6th Arab GIS Conference Arab Map, Cairo, Egypt.
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Positioning techniques, Electronic commerce "E-commerce" and Geographical Information System "GIS" define the equilateral triangle bases of a recent technology that is considered an improvement in the business fields named Location commerce "L-commerce". The positioning techniques such as the Global positioning systems (GPS) enables the user to find their position anywhere on earth. At the same time, E-commerce involves making business transactions via telecommunication networks, primarily the Internet. While, the GIS technology can help to visualize this position, to locate the services and to assist decision makers on critical, urgent, ubiquitous and persistent situations. These three sides yield the triangle of Location commerce (L-Commerce) offering many relevant services, based on where you or your mobile phone is located at any particular moment. L-Commerce expands the traditional E-commerce into worlds of wireless networks and positioning technologies. The wide spread adoption of wireless and mobile networks and devices creates an opportunity not only to transact applications that had been possible only from PC, but also to conduct new applications online. This paper illustrates the idea of yielding the Location commerce concept from the three promising technologies of the future, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), the Electronic commerce (E-commerce) and positioning techniques. Providing means of improvements to the business approaches that will be changed to new applications where L-commerce will be an alternative to the traditional commerce. The next phase on wireless networks would see the development of location commerce, and all the applications ranging from the combination of GIS and E-commerce. With organizations wanting to reach more people with their information, data, and services the need for serving and distributing data and analysis results is greater than ever, generating a need for geographic information system (GIS) technology on the handhelds devices.

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