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Compact UWB Power Divider, Analysis and Design
Authors: 33. Osama Dardeer, Tamer Abouelnaga, A. S. Mohra
Year: 2017
Keywords: Ultra-Wideband, Wilkinson Power Divider, Double Stubs, Unequal Power Divider
Journal: Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and Applications
Volume: 9
Issue: Not Available
Pages: 9-21
Publisher: Not Available
Local/International: International
Paper Link: Not Available
Full paper Ashraf Shawky Selim SayedAhmed Mohra_2017_Compact UWB Power Divider, Analysis and Design.pdf
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In this paper, two ultra-wide band power dividers are introduced. Compact equal power divider is considered firstly where an extended transmission lines and double open stubs are used in order to increase the bandwidth. Secondly, an unequal UWB power divider is introduced where multi-stage impedance is used. The proposed power dividers are fabricated and measured. The overall sizes of the proposed power dividers are 11.37 × 17.87 mm2 for the equal one and 12.13 × 29.03 mm2 for the unequal power divider. The simulated results are compared with the measured results and good agreement is obtained.

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