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High single scrotal-incision orchidopexy as the standard technique in infants aged 6–24 months
Authors: Ahmed Mohey, Tarek M. Gharib, Rabea G. Omar *, Ahmed Sebaey, Basheer N. Elmohamady, Wael Kandee
Year: 2017
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Journal: arab journal of urology
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Objective: To prospectively investigate the effectiveness of high single scrotal-incision orchidopexy (HSSIO) for palpable undescended testis (PUDT) in infants aged 6–24 months. Patients and methods: From March 2012 to July 2014, 46 age range-restricted (6– 24 months) infants with 57 PUDT underwent HSSIO after obtaining written consent from their parents. The exclusion criteria were ectopic, retractile testes and recurrent cases. All infants were examined before surgery in the outpatient department and after anaesthesia induction immediately before surgery. All infants had general anaesthesia with a caudal block. The operative time, intraoperative and postoperative complications, and follow-up of the infants at 0.5, 3 and 6 months were recorded and analysed. Results: The mean (SD; range) operative time was 23.45 (3.28; 18–29) min.Ahernia sac was found in 39 (68.4%) UDTs. For postoperative complications, only one infant developed a scrotal haematoma that was managed conservatively. The procedure was successful in 56/57 PUDT (98%). An auxiliary procedure was needed in one case, to obtain more length of the cord by extension of the incision to the external ring. Conclusion: HSSIO is a safe and feasible technique, with many benefits, and as such should be considered as the standard technique for orchidopexy in infants aged 6–24 months

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