Research Fields Report:


Total No. Of Staff With 'الإعلام' Research Field:15

Staff Sites
abeer helmy hassan desouqy
Ahmed AbdAllah Ismail Eldakroury
Amira Ameen Saber Ameen
Dina Waheed Said Atiuq
Esraa Atef Ibrahim Moursy
Fathy Ibrahim Ismail Ahmed
Fathy ShamsEldeen
Hebat Allah Mahmoud Abdel Samii Mohammad
Hossam Mohamed Abd Elaziz Elnahas
Ibrahim Mohamed Abd Elatif Ahmed
Kareem Mahfouz Fatouh Mohamed
Mohamed Abdel Badie Elsayed Mohamed
Mohammad Omar Metwally Ahmad El-Attar
Raed Muhammad Ibrahim Abdul Aziz Al-Attar
Ragya Ibrahim Awad Ataa Allah