Scientific Journals of Veterinary Medicine Issue number 2 for December - 2002:

Title Author(s)
1 Effect Of Body Weight Of Japanese Quail On Egg Production, Fertility And Hatchability, Mating Behavior, Aggression And Feed Consumption
  • Souad. A. Ahmed
  • 2 Microbiological Aspects Of Semi-cooked Chicken Meat Products
  • F. A. Shaltout
  • 3 Biochemical And Pathological Studies Of Accidental Toxicosis In Belgium Wolf Dogs
  • El.-bealawy,m.a
  • Mobark, M.g
  • Mona, F. M
  • 4 Metabolic Indices As An Aid In The Medical Follow-up Of Performance In Jumping Horses Under Field Conditions
  • S. A. El-gharieb
  • 5 Some Causes Of Lamb Mortalities
  • El-bealawy , M.a
  • Marouf , A. A