Scientific Journals of Veterinary Medicine Issue number 2 for December - 1999:

Title Author(s)
1 Pathological Study On Experimental Aspergillomycosis In Rabbits
  • A. A. Tantawy
  • 2 Environmental Pollution With Ammonia And Its Effect On Sheep In Sharkia And Kalyobia Governorates, Egypt.
  • Haindy, H. Oinran
  • Anwaar, M. Abd El-a Zeim
  • Mohamed,a.m. Hafez
  • 3 Arterial Blood Gases, Acid Base And Serum Electrolytes In Non Diabetic Dogs With Chronic Renal Failure
  • Abouel-enean. G. E.
  • Abd-el- Raof, V. M.
  • 4 The Effect Of Exercise On Equ1ne Ecg
  • Abd-el-raof, Y. M.
  • Abou-el-enean. G. E.
  • 5 Tumor Markers, Hormonal, Biochemical An]) Histopathological Changes In Albino Rats Exposed To Chronic Toxicity Wjtii Cyfluturin
  • H. N El-khatib
  • M. Abdel-haliin
  • M~ A. Ghoneim
  • M Z. Attia
  • 6 Influence Of Emergency Slaughter On Bacteriological And Chemical Criteria Of Meatand Edible Offal
  • Hassan, Ma.