Scientific Journals of Veterinary Medicine Issue number 2 for December - 1997:

Title Author(s)
1 A Study On The Efficacy And Safety Of Ivermectin Against Sarcoptic Mange In Rabbit Bucks And Its Effect On Semen Quality
  • Mona, M.a.ashoub
  • A.i.el-sayed
  • 2 “a Toxicological Study On Ivermectin With Special Consideration To Its Reproductive Toxicity, Toxo Pathology And Genotoxicity In Male White Newzeland Rabbit”
  • Abou Salem, M.e
  • Mona M.a.ashoub
  • El-khateeb,h.
  • 3 Fiberous And Cellulr Elements In Tile Spleen Of Rabbits
  • Farouk Abd-elmohciy
  • 4 Physiological Profile Of Lambs Subjected To Transport Stress
  • Mahmoud, S.a
  • Kahilo, Kh
  • 5 Plasma Progesterone And Oestrogen Concentrations Associated With Oestrous Induction By Norgestomet Ear Implants In Anoestrous Goats
  • Al. Al. Mansour
  • Ad. & El_belely
  • 6 Some Histological Ant) Ultrastructural Ciiaracttrs Of The Pancreas Of Dromei)ary Camel
  • Farouk Abd-elrnohdy