Scientific Journals of Veterinary Medicine Issue number 12 for December - 2001:

Title Author(s)
1 Postnatal Studies On The Lung Of Rabbits
  • Saad M
  • 2 The Thyroid Gland Of Lactating She-camel (camelus Dromedarius) Light And Fine Structure
  • Gehad Abd El-fattah
  • 3 .traceability Of Anaerobic Spore Forming Bacteria In Vacuum Packaged Precooked Chicken Meat
  • Hassan, M.a. A Total
  • 4 Control Of Staph. Aureus In Refrigerated Minced Meat Using Nisin And/or Potassium Sorbate
  • El-taher, E.m.
  • 5 Some Histological, Histochemical And Ultrastructural Studies On The Proventriculus Mucosa Of Falcon (falco Barbarus)
  • Thoraia F. Sallam
  • 6 The Association Between Bacteriologic And Vaginoscopic Examinations In Egyptian Buffaloes With Subacute, Chronic Postparturient Endometritis
  • Thanaa. M. El-shayeb
  • 7 Heavy Metals In Meat And Offal Of Cattle And Buffaloes Slaughtered In Menoufia Governorate
  • Hemmat, M. Ibrahim;
  • Edris, A.m.
  • 8 Effect Of Thawing Processes On Microbial Count Of Frozen Beef
  • Mahmoud, Y.el.a