Scientific Journals of Veterinary Medicine Issue number 1 for April - 2011:

Title Author(s)
1 Adiponectin And Myeloperoxydase In Acutemyocardial Infarction Individuals
  • Hussein Abd El Maksoud
  • Raafat R. Gind
  • Yaser M. Abdel-nabi
  • 2 Some Congenital Malformations In Ruminants And Equines With Special Reference To The Surgical Treatment Of Recto-vaginal And Cysto-rectal Fistulae
  • Adel M. Badawy Dept. Of Surgery, Anaesthesiology And Radiologyy, Faculty Of Veterinary Medicine, Benha University, Benha
  • 3 Public Hazard Of Brucella Micro-organisms In Milk And Dairy Products And Survival Of Brucella Melitensis Biovar 3 In Old Cheese.
  • Manal E.m. El-sayed
  • Adel M. A. El-newishy
  • Mohammed N. Hussein
  • Ali M.s. El-ged
  • Ahmad A. El-basionny
  • Gamal El-din M. El-olamy
  • 4 Detection Of Sub-clinical Cases In Emergency Vaccinated Animals After Challenged With Foot And Mouth Disease Virus.
  • Ebeid, M.
  • Hamouda, F.k
  • Farag, M.
  • Mahdy, S.e.
  • 5 Biochemical Effect Of L-thyroxin In Iron Over Loading
  • Abdelshafik
  • Abouzaid, O;
  • El-senosi
  • Abdel-maksoud