Scientific Journals of Veterinary Medicine Issue number 1 for December - 2007:

Title Author(s)
1 Protein Profiles Of Different Isolates Of Bovine Herpes Virus
  • Hassanein, S.a.1
  • Sahar I.m
  • Ornayma, M. El Dcsawy2
  • 2 Studies On Some Heavy Metal Residues In Fresh Oreochromis Niloticus: Trails To Reduce Them By Marination And Heat Treatment
  • Z.nassif, Enas A.h
  • 3 Effect Of Strain, Breeder Age And Probiotic On Egg , Production, Fertility, Hatchability Percentages And Hatching Weight In Ostrich
  • El-gendi, G.m
  • El-laithy S.m
  • Radwan, A.a
  • Ahmed, M.a
  • 4 Characterization Of P Asteu Wel A Mu Lt 0 Cid A Capsule Causing Pneumonia In Chicken
  • Salim-, A.. Lou El-fakar
  • Nagwa, S. Rabic
  • 5 Bovine Ephemeral Viral Antigen In Culex Pipiens Mosquito In Different Governorates Of Egypt
  • Bahgat Z Youssef
  • 6 Trials To Control Bacillus Dereus Spoilage Of Luncheon In Two Processing Meat Plants
  • Dalia F. Khater
  • Wael F. El Taras2
  • 7 Contribution Towards Diagnosis And Virulence Of Streptococcus Suis In Swine
  • Hoda, M.
  • Zaki And Gobran