Scientific Journals of Veterinary Medicine Issue number 1 for June - 2002:

Title Author(s)
1 Histamine In Cannei),smoked And Salted Fish Products
  • F.a. Shaltout
  • My. Hashim
  • 2 Effect Of Ultrafiltrarion Technology On Some Heavy Metals During Manufacture Of Soft Cheese
  • Adham M. Abdou
  • Abdelaziz M. Aboueleinin
  • 3 Quality Evaluation Of Cooking Butter Sold At Some Collecting Centers In Kaliobyia Governorate
  • Adham M. Abdon
  • 4 Effect Of Corn And For Cod Liver Oils As Sources For The Essential Fatty Acids On Performance And Immune Response Of Channel Catfish
  • N. A. Khadr
  • 5 The Effect Of L-ascorbic Acid Supplementation On Growth Performance, Fib Content And Histopathology Of Channel Catfish
  • N. A. Khadr
  • 6 Growth Performance And Body Composition Response Of Tilapia Nilotica Fed Isocaloric Diets With Variable Protein Levels
  • N.a. Khadr
  • 7 Some Biocliem/cal Stud/es On Serum And Erythrocyte Electrolytes And Blood Glucose Level Regulation During Late Pregnancy Andpeurperium Fri Baladi Goats
  • Mohamed K. Mahfouz
  • Hussein A A Abdel - Maksoud
  • 8 Biochemical Effects Of Differentlevels Of Dietary Methionine On Lipids And Car])ciiydra Tes Me7~ I Bolism In Broiler Mixed Brejtl) Chwkens
  • Moha~ned K Il’iahfouz
  • Hussein 11..4..4bdel—maksoud
  • 9 Problem Of Zoonoticaspergillosis In La Yers Fai~fvj & New Trend In Treatment
  • Dr.adel M. Abdel-aziz
  • 10 Effect Of The Litter Type Versus Cage System On Quail Performance
  • E. A. A. Mahinoud
  • Tulip A. Abdel Ghaffar