Scientific Journals of Veterinary Medicine Issue number 1 for Jan. - 1998:

Title Author(s)
1 Ultr4structure Of The Subcaudal Glands With Special References To Age Changes And Effect Of Castration In Male Goat
  • Azab, M.e
  • Abort Salem, E.a.
  • Ernara, S.a.
  • 2 Parasites Of Economic Importance In Turkeys
  • Saad, M. S.,
  • Ayman, H. M.
  • Edfljs, A. B. M
  • Saiil4b, A. A. M
  • 3 Indigenous Dairy Cattle In The Sudan Cattle Number By Provience, Breed, Age And Sex
  • A. M. I. Badi
  • 4 Microbial Assessment Of Imported Frozen Yoghurt At The Consumer Level
  • Hamdy A. Mohamed
  • 5 Field And Laboratory Studies On The Effect Of Ammonia On Health Status And Productivity Of Nile Tilapia (oreochromis Niloticus)
  • Mohamed S. M. Gado
  • 6 Withdrawal Of Lead From Eggs And Some Tissues Of Previously Intoxicated Hens
  • Eiman M. Ei-saieed