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. :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed Action
2. Studies on some food colors completed
3. Studies on some preservation methods of Jaw’s mallow leaves “Moulokeia” completed
4. Physical and chemical studies on olive oils completed
5. Rheological studies on some foods completed
8. Technological and microbiological studies on some juices completed
9. Chemical and technological studies on drying of some fruits and vegetable completed
10. Study on the utilization of low grade fruits completed
13. Effect of thermal processing on enzyme activity in some fruits juices completed
19. Studies on texture of some foods completed
20. Technological and chemical studies in some baby foods
21. Using of fibers to produced of some special foods
22. Technological and chemical studies on drying some fruit and vegetables
24. Biochemical studies on some foods as allergic for children
chemical studies on drying some fruit and vegetables
18) Genetic evaluation for some productive traits in chickens, 2004 In Progress
19) Estimation and evaluation of genetic and non-genetic parameters for some productive traits in chickens, 2009 In Progress
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