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1 Studies On Neck Rot Disease Of Onion In The A. R. E M. A. Braka - - - - - -
2 Studies On Fruit Rot Diseases Of Strawberry In A.r.e Y. S. E. Khafagi
3 Physiological And Pathological Studies On Uromyces Faba, The Causal Of Broat Bean Rust In Vitro  K.e Eid - - - - - -
4 Microbiological Studies On Biogas Production From City Refuse A. N. Estefanous
5 Comparative Physiological Studies On Some Zucchini Genotypes N. M. M. Etman Superviser By S. A. El-desouky, Z. M. A. Khder, H. H. El-dowery. 
6 Induction Of Resistance To Powdery Mildew Disease Of Zucchini Plants M. H. El-habbak - - - - - -
7 Pathological And Physiological Studies On The Common Smut Disease Of Maize (zea Mays L.) A. M. Abdelwhab
8 Studies On Seed Pathology Of Corn (zea Mays. L ) I. S. A. Sabek,
9 Genetic Studies On Yeast H. A. O. Osman - - - - - -
10 Physiological Studies On Some Microorganisms Causing Deterioration Of Woods And Wooden Furniture Maisa M. Ali
11 Studies On Mould Fungi That Attack Stored Wheat Grains Safaa Afify
12 Studies On The Nature Of Resistance To Orange Rust In Some New Egyptian Wheat Varieties S. M. S. Negm - - -
13 Physiological Studies On The Nitrogen Nutrents Aof Wheat Plan, Nitrogen Requirments Of Wheat Plant At Various Stage On Growth M. F. Abd El-hamed -
14 Studies On Loose Smut Of Wheat M. A. Hassan
15 Microbiolog Cal Studies On Anaerobic Digestion Of Solid And Liquid Wastes Yasser Saad Ahmed Ei-akshar
16 Effect Of Drainage Water On Some Egyptian Soils And Plant Wafaa Abd El Karim Hafiz
17 Effect Of Gama Radiation And Paclobetazole (p.g.r) On Vicia Faba From The Bot Anical Point Of View F. H. M. Ismaeil - - - - - -
18 Studies On Neck Rot Disease Of Onion S. N. Abd Elmonem
19 Pathological Associated With Vegetable Seeds Which Used In Protective Agriculture M. I. Ebbaby Superviser By F. M. Barkat, M. A. A. Boelnaser, M. D. Hassanin, A. E. Badr.  - - - - - -
20 Biological Control Of Sclerotinia Disease On Some Vegetable Crops In A.r.e. F. G. Mohamed - - - - - -
21 The Application Of Biofertilization And Biological Control For Tomato Production Nemat Khalifa - - - - - -
22 Comparative Studies On Marketing And Exporting Quality Between Some Local And Imported Varieties Of Tomato Safia Mohamed El-sayed Hassanen -
23 Microbiological Study Is On The Bacterial And Fungal Contamination Under Strawberry Tissue Culture Conditions Mona H. A. Hussein
24 Studies On Some Diseases That Infect The Roots Of Sunflower M. A. M. Shaarawy
25 Studies On Some Fungal Sunflower Diseases And Their Control F. M. I. Makled -
26 Studies On Wilt And Root Rot Diseases Of Sunflower (helianthus Annuus L) M. A. A. Mohamed - - - - - -
27 Impacts Of Row Width And Phoshrous Levels On Water Realation Growth , Yield And Nutritional Valueal Sunflower Plant Namait Allah Yousf Osman Mokhtar
28 Studies On Polysaccharides Of Lupinus Termis Seeds Salah Mostafa Mohmoud Saad
29 Studies On Production Of Organic Fertilizers Crops Wastes And Their Effects On Reclamation Of Sandy Soil Emad Helmy Allam
30 Studies On Sugarcance Plant And Sugarcane Stereak Geminivirus Attia Omar Attia Abd Allah - - - - - -
31 Physiological Responase Of Sugar Beet (beta Vulgaris L Plants To Some Nutreints And Their Relation Ship To Cercospora Leaf Spot Disease I. S. Elgamal
32 Growth Behaviour Of Sugar-beet Under Environmental Stress Condition With Relation To Specific Physiological Diseases Amal Mohamed Kamel Abd Ei-rahman Soudi -
33 Studies On Sugar Beet Root Rot With Special Referance To Sclerotium Rolfsii Sacca K. A. M. Daaba Superviser By M. M. Fahim, M. A. Kararah, A. A. El-gharbawi.  -
34 Effect Of Foliar Spray With Some Nutrients And Some Growth Regulatos On Hibiscus Sabdariffa.l Plants N. A. Anton - - - -
35 Effect Of Some Fertilizer Treatments On Peanut Under Sprinkler Irrigation On Newly Reclaimed Soils Ahmed Abo El-wafa Khalil Ibrahim
36 Studies On The Mechanisme Of Disease Resistance In Soybean Plants H. M. H. Amira
37 Pathological Studies On Some Diseases That Attack The Roots Of Soybean M. H. Hussein - - - - - -
38 Physiological Studies On The Effect Of Some Growth Regulators On Soybean S. H. Mervat Gad Supervid By H. M. Abdel-dayem, H. A. M. Mostafa, A. L. Wanas.  - - - - - -
39 Effect Of Adding Some Bio Control Agents On Non Target Microogansmis In Root Seases Infecting Soybean And Broad Bean Plants M. F. A. A. Hugar Superviser By A. I. I. El-fiki, T. H. Abdelmaoity, F. G. Mohamed.  - - - - - -
40 Studies On Rhizoctonia Diseases Of Soybean In Egypt E. Z. Khalif - - -
41 Studies On The Status Of Some Micronutrients In Soils At Kalubia Governorate Samira Youssef - - - - - -
42 Mineralogy Of Tushka Soils In Relation To Orgin Genesis And Properties Nabil Mohamed Abd Ell Ateef Ahmed Bahsawy - - - - - -
43 Inducing The Plant Ability To Tolerate Soil Salinity Hanan El-azab Mohamed
44 Evaluation At Some Oases Soils Using Remote Sensing Technology Mohamed Mahmoud Ahmed Metwaly
45 Evaluation Of Some Nitrogenous Fertlizers Using Nitrogen - 15 Stable Isotope Ali El Sayed Abd El-qader
46 Soil Amendiry As Amanagement Practice For Conserning Soil From Bicarbonte Hazards Of Saline Irrigatoion Water Azmy Abd Allah Mohamed
47 The Effect Of Chemical And Bacteriological Transformaties Of Organic Mater On The Availablility Of Some Nutrient Elements In Sandy And Calcareous Soil Nadia I. M. Abdelhady -
48 Studies On The Biological Control Of Some Soil Borne Fungi Causing Disease In Plants G. M. El-habaa Superviser By I. F. M. Amaleldin, K. G. M. Ahmed, Nawal A. Eisa. 
49 Studies On Cyanobacteria And Their Effect Some Soil Properties Naayem Mohamed
50 Studie On The Compartive Efficiency Of Some Reclamation Materials For The Sedic Soil Fekry Abdel Monaim Farag
51 Some Chemical And Physical Variations In Soil Properties Ragab Abd El Regal Mohamed
52 Pedological Studies On The Region Of East At Owyant Hassan Esmail Mohamed Elsayed
53 Micronutrient Status In Soils Irrigated With Saline And Agricultural Drainage Waters Taha Abdel -khali Aohmed El-moghraby -
54 Evaluation Of Soil Productivity Susing Romote Sining And Gis Techniques In Some Kalubia Soils Wessam Rashad Ahmed
55 Effect Some Organic Wastes On Avalibilty Of Some Microounterent In Calcareous Soils Fayez Markos Fahmy
56 Effect Of Salinity On Availabilty Of Some Nutrients In Soil Zeinab Hemdan Abdel Aziz
57 Studies Of Factors Affecting Soil Mositure Characteristic In Some Wadis In South Sina Peninsula Ahmed Hamada Abd El-rahman - - - - - -
58 Interaction Between Certein Fungicides And Soil Microorgansms With Special Referance To Pathogenic Fungi M. S. E. A. Felaffil
59 Biodegradation Of Some Pesticides By Soil Microorganisms H. M. A. Abdel Rahman - - - - - -
60 Microbiological Studies On Soft Drinks M. Z. M. Hamed - - - - - -
61 Study On The Biological Efficiency Of Meat Production In Barki Sheep Misbah Mostafa
62 Studies On Root-rot And Wilt Diseases Of Sesame (sesamum Indicum L.) M. M. A. Khalifa
63 Studies On Seed Rot Of Cucurbits A. M. A. Sharaf El-din
64 Effect Of Some Organic Conditioners On Plant Growth And Some Nutrients Up Take Of Sandy Soil Under Drip Irrigation Hayam Abd El Fattah Abd El Halim
65 Response Of Roselle ”hibiscus Sabdariffa” Plant To Some Growth Conditions Hyam A. Abdel Gawad -
66 Studies On Root Rot Of Some Ornamental Shrubs In Egypt S. H. R. Habashy - - - - - -
67 Proteinase Enzyme Production By Microorganisms A. A. Nayl
68 Using Plant Extracts To Control Powdery Mildew Disease That Attack Cucumber Plants Under Protected Houses G. A. Ahmed - - - - - -
69 Virus-free Potato Plants Tissue Culture Technique A. S. Ali
70 Pathological And Serological Studies Of Bacterial Diseases In Potatoes Omnia Mohamed
71 Potato Tuber Rots Caused By Fusaria Ahmed Helmy El-sayed Ei-assal - - - - - -
72 New Trendes For Long Term Storage And Plantdisease Control Of Potato Tubers Ieman S. A. Elshewy
73 Ecological And Morphological Studies On Some Hymenopterous Pollinators In Egypt G. H. H. Rady - -
74 Physiological Studies On Some Xerophytic Plants E. Y. Mahmoud - - - - - -
75 Physiological Studies On Nitrogen Nutrition On Some Economic Plants M. M. Abdel-hamid - - - - - -
76 Botanical Studies On Growth And Germination Of Magnolia (magnolia Grandiflora L.) Plants T. R. Mahmoud Superviser By S. A. El-desouky, H. M. Abdeldayem, N. R. Said. 
77 Physiological Studies On Azolla Plants -
78 Physiological Studies On The Relationship Of Water Requirments To Salt Tolerance In Some Plants H. M. Abdeldayem
79 Plant Nutrition Under Salinity Conditions Waffa Mahmoud Abd Ala
80 Germicidal Effect Of Some Plant Extracts On Some Micro Organisms S. M. Raoof Superviser By N. A. Newigey, E. A. Agina, S. E. El-hawaahy. 
81 Pathological Studies On Dahlia Tuber Roots Eman O. H. Ali
82 Microbiological Studies On Some Pickles Ghonamy Abd El-fatah Ghonamy
83 Eco- Physiological Studies On Some Phytoplankton Of Fresh Water Tarteil E. M. Badawy
84 Microbiological And Physiological Studied On Pseudomonase Solanacerium W. H. S. Habashy
85 Improvement Of Phosphorus Avail Mamdouh Mohamed Abdel Moneim Youssef
86 Effect Of Some Organic Wastes On Availability Phosphorous In Cal Careavy Soil Mohamed Kamel Mohamed Usif
87 A Comparative Study On Fertilization With Some Phosphorus Fertilizers A. A. Abd Salam
88 Studies On Some Diseases That Attack The Roots Of Phaseolus Vulgaris Plants M. H. A. Mageed Superviser By I. F. G. El-din, K. G. M. Ahmed.  - -
89 Effect Of Organic Sources And Superphosphate Rates On Heavy Metals Contents In Plant And Soil Mohamed Fathy Amin Hussein
90 Toxicological Studies On Honey Bees M. A. Asfour
91 Studies On Mosaic Virus Disease In Pepper (capsicum Annuum L.) M. A. Hafez -
92 Pathological Studies On Root-rot Disease Of Peanut (arachis Hypogaea L.) In Egypt R. E. F. Abdel-ghany - - - - - -
93 Pathological Studies On Some Diseases That Attack The Roots Of Pea A. S. Mansour
94 Pathological Studies On Some Soilborne Fungal Attacking Some Ornamental Trees In Egypt A. E. E. Halawa - - - - - -
95 Proteinase Enzyme Production By Microorganisms Ahmed, El-khalil Nayl - - - - - -
96 Chemical Biological And Genetic Control Of White Rot Disease (sclerotium Cepivorum In Onion T. A. Marei
97 Studies On Nitrogen Fixation E. H. Mohamed
98 Studies On Nitrogen Status In Some Soils Of Kalubia Governorate Doaa Mohamed Rahmadan Abo Basha
99 Effect Of Mycorrhizal Inoculation On Infection With Some Fungi That Attack Roots Of Broad Bean Plants Fatein M. Abde Lateif - - - - - -
100 Pathological Studies On Some Soil Borne Botanical Studies On Mung Bean (vigna Radiation ) Plants Under Some Growth Condition I. A. I. El-fiki Superviser By A. H. Shahine, S. A. El-desouky, Z. M. Khder.  - - - - - -
101 Ecological And Biogical Studies On Some Mites Which Infested Date Palm And Thirr Control A. F. Rawash - - - - - -
102 Efficiency Of Some Microorganisms In Production Of Some Plant Growth Stimulating Substances Rasha M. Elmeihy
103 Physiological Studies On Some Medical Plants W. M. Abdel-azim -
104 Biofertilization And Microelements Spraying Effeciancy On Growth And Yield Of Lupin Plants G. A. E. Badawy - - - - - -
105 Studies On Importance Of Leguminous Crops Using Fertilization In Desert Soils M. A. M. El-sayed Superviser By N. A. Neweigy, M. A. El-sibaie, T. A. Tewfike. 
106 Botanical Studies On Some Members Of Fabaceae Family A. L. Wanas - - - - - -
107 Pedological Studies On The Norrthern Region Of Eastern Desert In Egypt Adel Mohamed Abd El Rahman
108 Studies On Iron Chlorosis In Plant Ali Mohamed Ahmed Abd Elhaleem
109 Studies On Thenomena Of Insect Resistance To Phosphine A. M. Abbdel-latif
110 Evaluation The Efficaey Of Certian Insecticides Aginst Cotton Aphid Afhis Gossypyii Glover In Cotton Filds A. G. Youssef
111 The Possibility Of Utilizing Certain Strains Of Entomopathogenic Bacteria In The Microbial Control Of The Egyptian Cotton Leafworm Spodoptera Littoralis (boisd) M. F. Fahmey - - - - - -
112 Evaluation Of Some Insecticides On The Egyptian Cotton Leafworm M. S. Ali
113 Effect On Some Pesticides On Seed Germination And Some Stored Product Insects A. E. Rafea -
114 Effectiveness Of Sme Plant Extracts And Their Mixtures With Insecticides Against Some Stored Product Insects W. M. El-dein -
115 Studies On Leaf Spots Of Grape Plants R. S. Saeed - - -
116 Anatomical Studies On Broad Bean And Grain Sorghum Infected With Certein Fungi A. M. A. Abed Superviser By A. Zaher, E. Zaher, K. El-sahhar.  - - - - - -
117 Studies On Deterioration Aspects Of Some Grains During Storage And Its Control M. F. Abolela Superviser By F. G. Berakat, A. I. I. El-fiki, A. E. Badr. 
118 Studies On The Effect Of Some Fungicides And Foliar Spray With Nutrients On Some Leaf Spot Diseases Of Broad Bean Plants H. H. A. Zaglal - - - - - -
119 Microbiological Studies On Frozen Foods And Canned Foods Osama Abdel-salam Mahmoud Sharif Superviser
120 Effect Of Infection With Melampsora Lini On Some Resistant Lines Of Linum Sativum A. Z. M. A. Sabal -
121 Studies On Leaf Spots Of Field Bean ( Vicia Faba L.) M. T. M. Mansour -
122 Studies On Orobanche Crenata Parasitism On Broad Bean Plant (vicia Faba L.) In Fayoum O. Y. M. Shalaby
123 Pathological Studies On Dieback Diseases Of Pears  M.s.s.hassn
124 Physiological Studies On Cold Tolerance In Squash (cucurbita Pepo L.) Plant Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Mady
125 Studies On Antagonistic And Synergistic Effect Of Rhizosphere Microorganisms On Some Pathogenic Fungi Of Roots Of Some Leguminous Crops A. Elshewy Lowahiz
126 Studies On Cotton Fertlization Osama Ahmed Mohamed Galal
127 Studies On Rizoctonia Certain Solani The Causal Of Sone Shin Disease Of Cotton Plant M. E. B. S. Saeed - -
128 Physiological Studies On Some Cotton Varieites Infected With Fusarium Oxysporium F.sp Vasinfectum A. M. M. Mahdy -
129 Studies Of The Possibility Using Remote Sening Technique For Determiation Of Infestation With Cotton Pests A. M. Makker Ibrahim
130 Botanical Studies On Growth In Flower Aborition In Cotton H. S. A. Ahmed, Supervisied By S. A. Eldesouky, A. L. Wanas, Z. M. Khder. 
131 Microbial Control Of Cotton Boll Worm H. M. Gemeiy
132 Studies On Some Beneficial Natural Enemies On Some Of The Most Important Corn Pests In Qalyubia Governorate G. H. Ebaid -
133 Microbiological Studies On Citric Acid Production H. E. Abou Aly - - - - - -
134 Citric Acid Production By Microorganisms Jihan A. Shaaban - - - - - -
135 Pathological Studies On Bacterial Canker Disease On Some Fruit Tree  R.m.y.zewail
136 Studies On The Effect Of The Addition Of Biogas Manure On The Microbial And Enzymatic Activities In Soil A. K. H. Kadhim
137 Anatomical Fingerprint And Bile Constituents As Systematic Tools In Some Dicot Seed M. M. M Abdel-all - - - - - -
138 Studies On Faba Bean Mosaic Caused By Bean Yellow Mosaic Virus Eman Sh. M. Shahwan
139 Studies Of New Methods For Controlling Chocolate Spot Disease Of Faba Bean In Egypt Y. H. E. El-gammal - - - - - -
140 Study On Barley Foliar Diseases M. M. Hussien -
141 Physiollogical And Pathological Studies Onuromyces Faba The Causal Of Broat Bean Rust In Vitro Khaled El-sayede Eid El-sayed - - - - - -
142 Anatibiotics Production By Stertomyces R. A. M. Zaghloul
143 Microbiological Studies On Anaerobic Digestion Of Solid And Liquid Wastes Y. S. A. El Akshar - - - - - -
144 Physiological Studies On Some Fresh Water Green Alge A. B. Elsayed - - - - - -
145 Toxicological And Biological Studies On Bollworms A. A. A. Tawfik
146 Studies On Varroa Mite And Its Effects On Productivity Of Honeybee Colonies E. W. Mahmoud.
147 Studies On The Nature Of Resistance To Fusarium Wilt Of Cotton Mohamed Shams El-din Mohamed Khashaba - - - - - -
148 Studies On The Infuence Of Certain Fungicidies On The Nitrifiying Bacteria And Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria With Special Respect To Rhizobia In Some Leguminous Plants Maher Abde1-maksoud Abou-neama
149 Studies On Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation Under Soil Stress Cond Fatma Mohamed Ahmed El-hadldy
150 Studies On Stalk Rot Diseases Of Grain Sorghum In Egypt E. M. M. Elassiuity - - - - - -
151 Studies On Some Sugar Beet Virus Diseases Abo El-yazid Emam Badr
152 Studies On Some Leaf Spot Diseases Of Tomato Plant Abdel-moneim Ibrahim Lsmuel El-fikl - - - - - -
153 Studies On Protection And Preservation Of Wood Archaeological Furniture Against Mould Fungi Maisa Mohamed Ali Mansour
154 Studies On Powdery Mildew Disease On Tomatoes In Egypt Saber Habib Haroun
155 Studies On Pink Root Disease Of Onion In A.r.e M. F. I. Tadrous
156 Studies On Photomorphogenesis In Some Economical Plants Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Mady
157 Studies On Fungi Associated With Soybean Seeds In A.r.e S. M. M. Elgantiry -
158 Studies On Crown Rot Of Peanuts A. A. Eldeeb - - - - - -
159 Studies On Chemical Control Of Some Diseases That Attack The Root Of Beans Vulgaris L Abdou Mahdy Mohamed Mahdy - -
160 Studies On Application Of Some Plant Products And Their Mixtures With Modified Atmospheres Againist Certain Insects Infesting Stored Maize T. A. A Badr - - - - - -
161 Studies Of Some Diseases That Attack The Root Of Cumin Plant (cuminum Cyminum L.) M. A. M. Shaarawy
162 Studies About The Effect Of Inert Gases On The Efficiency Of Phosphine To Some Stored Product Insects Ahmed Abdel-ghaffar Abdo Darwish -
163 Some Studies On Azolla Propagation In Egypt A. Herzalla Nagat
164 Some Physiological Studies On The Growth Of Fodder Beet Plant (beta Vulgaris L.) Noga Abdo Afande Anton
165 Some Physiological Studies On Apricot Plant (pruns Armenica L) Z.m.a. Khder
166 Reuse Of Agrultur Aldranage Water And Ltsffect On Soil And Plant E. M. Eldardiry
167 Response Of Soybean To Some Growth Regulators Under Water Deficit Conditions Fathy Ali Hassan Abbas
168 Potato Tuber Rots Caused By Fusaria A. H. E. Elassal
169 Physiological Studies On Water Requriments Of Wheat Plants William Iskander Miseha -
170 Physiological Studies On Water Requirments Of Onion Plant (allium Cepa) Monir Farid Wahba
171 Physiological Studies On Water Requirements Of Potato Plant (solanum Tuberosum) Magdi Abd El-ghafar Ali
172 Physiological Studies On The Water Requirements Of Some Corn Plant ,zea,maize F. A. Abdelmotallb
173 Physiological Studies On The Effect Of Soil Moisture Levels On Soybean Plant (glycine Maxl.merr)  Mohamed Abd-el Kader Sherif
174 Physiological Studies On Nitrogen Nutrition Of Soybean Plant (glycine Max.l.merr) M. M. Bassiem - - - - - -
175 Physiological Studies On Fodder Beet Plant Abd-el-aziz Ibrahim Elshafie
176 Physiological Studies Of Some Nutrient Elements On Some Aquatic Plants Hosny Mohammed Mohamed Abd El-dayem -
177 Physiological And Biochemical Effects Of Cotton Plant As Aresult Of Spraying With Some Insecticides Fungiciddes And Herbicides Mohamed Said Ismail - - - - - -
178 Pathological Studies On Powdery Mildew Of Flax In A.r.e Mahmoud Tawfik Mahmoud Mansour
179 Pathological Studies On Charcoal Rot Disease Of Sesame Mamdouh Mohamed Abdel-fattah Khalifa
180 Pathological And Physiological Studies On Spot Blotch Of Barely Caused By Helmanthosporium Sativum In A.r.e M.i.m. Elian
181 Pathological And Physiological Studies On Some Disease Root Disease Of Soybean Ahmed Mohamed Hassanain
182 Pathological And Physiological Studies On Blast And Brown Spot Diseases Of Rice In A.r.e Abdel-aziz Mohamed Sayed Mostafa - - - - - -
183 Microbiological Studies On The Microorganisms Contaminating Tomato Fruits And Methods Of Control And Elongating Keeping Quality Lawahiz A. Elshewy - - - - - -
184 Microbiological Studies On Some Pickles Mahmoud Zenhom Mahmoud Hamed
185 Interaction Between Infection Of Phaseolus Vulgaris L. Plant With Trichoderma Rossum And Fusarium Moniliforme And Some Important Viral Diseases In A.r.e M. H. Abdelmageed
186 Inheritance Of Protein Content In Sorghum Bicolor (l.) Moench Azmy Mostafa El-desoky El-kady -
187 Improvement Of Tomato Productivity By Using Certain Natural Materials Mohamed Mohamed Mahmoud Abd-el-all
188 Growth Performance Of Some Woody Trees Using Certain Growth Regulators Tarek Ramadan Mahmoud Konsowa
189 Genetical Studies On Some Cucumber Hybrids (cucumis Sativus L.) Nada Mostafa Darwish Shabana
190 Genetical And Cytological Studies On Some Crosses Between Wheat And Ali Moustafa Moussa - - - - - -
191 Genetic Studies On Drought Resistance In Wheat Nabil Sournan Hanna
192 Genetic Evaluation Of Some Economic Characters In Onion (allium Cepa L.) Aida Botros Llanna - - - - - -
193 Genetic And Cytological Studies On Oenothera Spp Found In Egypt Abd El-migid Ali Abd El-migid
194 Genetic And Cytological Studies On Some Triticale Hybrids Makhlouf Mohamed Mahmoud Bakheet
195 Evaluation Of Some Sugarcane Genotypes For Infestation With Some Animal And Insect Pest Saber Habib Haroun - - - - - -
196 Effect Of Some Nutrients On Garlic Plants Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Aly
197 Eco-physiological Studies On Some Desert Plants N. E. M. Abdelhady
198 Ecological And Physiological Studies On Bollworms Adel El-sayed Ali Amer - - - - - -
199 Ecogical Studies On The Rice Blast Disease With Special Efferance To The Nature Of Resistance A.m.m. Saleh
200 Determination Of Genetic Variance Components Under Different Environmental Conditions In Wheat Assad Ahmed Hamada Ahmed
201 Comparison Between Some Designs Of Diallel Crosses On Faba Bean (vicia Faba,l.) Ahmed Moamen Hamdy Abd-elaziz Mohmoud Hamdy
202 Biological Control Of Some Bacterial And Fungal Diseases On Bean (phaseolus Vulgaris L.) Fathy Gad Mohamed
203 Bid-organic Farming Efficiency On Yield And Quality Of Some Medicinal Plants Hany Mohammed Ahmed Abd-elrahman
204 Analytical Studies Of Growth And Technological Properties Of Some Promising Strains Of Flax Mostafa Amin Al-maghraby
205 Anaerobic Degradation Of High-soild Organic Wastes To Methane And Organic Fertilizers Azmy Noshi Estefanous
206 An Advanced Studies On Effesct Of Mycrrohiza Inoculation With Some Root Fungi That Attack Some Leguminous Plants Faten Mohamed Abd El-latif
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Total 206 146 131 147 148 148 149