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Discussed (Completed) Theses Of Food Technology :: Agriculture

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No Title Author R S A E I C
1 Utilization Of Sunflower Flour In Bread Making And Some Pastry Mohamed Osman Farag
2 Utilization Of Fat Produced From Whey In Manufacturing Of Some Fatty Dairy Products Mohamed Ead Shenana -
3 Utilization Of Local Production In Hotel Catering In Sinia Mohamed A. Saad
4 Using Of Solar Energy Indehydration Of Some Foods Abdul Gader El Hadad - - - - - -
5 Utilization Of Butter Milk Fathy Ahmed Abd Allah -
6 Use Of Triticale Flour In Cake Production Ataf A. Mohamed,
7 Uses Of Dried Skim Milk In Manufacturing Soft Smoked Cheese Motahar Sharf Shaiban - - - - - -
8 Trials On Improing Butter Flavour Ezzat Montasser
9 The Effect Of Adding Some Antibiotics To Milk Attia Abd Ella
10 Technological And Microbiological Studies On Some Meat Products Sayed H. Ahmed -
11 Technological Studies On The Egyptian Sugar Beet Baha El Din Mustafa - - - - - -
12 Technological And Microbiological Studies On Some Fish Products El Shahat Abd Allah Moghazy
13 Technological And Microbiological Studies On Some Juices Ayman S. Dyab
14 Technical Comparsion Between Soybean And Other Legumes Galal Mohamed Abd El Moniem
15 Study On Utilization Of Some Food Industries Waste In The Production Of Single Cell Protein Samuia H. Abd El Latif
16 Study On The Utilization Of Low Grade Fruits Yaserb A. E. Ahmed
17 Study On The Utilization Of Some Citrus By-products Thoraya Abd El Ghani Mohamed
18 Studies On Yellow Corn Flour Fortified With Some Dairy Products And Use It Some Cereal Products Mostafa Hamied
19 Study On Production Of The Inverted Sugar Abd El Aziz Mohamed
20 Studies On Whey Utilization And Whey Products El Nagar Gamal
21 Studies On The Quality Of Some Meat Products El Taib El Moshtohory
22 Studies On The Pasterma Mahmoud Mahmoud - - - - - -
23 Studies On The Production Of Some Special Foods Ahmed H. Abd El Hamud
24 Studies On The Hygienic And Legal Conditions Of Some Dairy Productions In Egyptian Market Ryad I. Mansour - - - - - -
25 Studies On The Effect Of Some Additives For Supplemention Of Biscuit Mostafa Talat Ramadan -
26 Studies On The Fermentation In Some Types Of Egyptian Bread And Its Effect On The Bread Properties Bsunia M Abd El-latif
27 Studies On The Effect Different Treatment On Wheat Flour And Its Effects On Biscuit Quality Warda E. A. Badar - - - - - -
28 Studies On Spoilage Of Some Meat Hammam Bahlol
29 Studies On The Detection Pf Pork Products Abd El Rahman Bayoumy -
30 Studies On Some Smoked Poultry Products Mahmoud F.sayde
31 Studies On Some Special Foods Fouad A. E. El Sherief
32 Studies On Some Products Of Processing Meat Hamidy A. Abo El Azam
33 Studies On Some Oils Khalid N. Ibrahim
34 Studies On Some Preservation Methods Of Jevs Mallow Leares (moulkela Hassna M. Abd El Manam -
35 Studies On Some Bolti Fish Additives Hassan A. Barakat
36 Studies On Production Of Fungal Protein Using Food Industry Wasts Hesein Azazi Morad
37 Studies On Some Agriculture Waste And Used In Food Industries Nabuha K. Salam
38 Studies On Production And Processing Of Mushrooms Mohamed Samir El-fiky
39 Studies On Production Of Chocolate For Diabetes Amal A. Abd El-baky - - - - - -
40 Studies On Preservation Of Some Fish Abo El Fattah M. Abd El Rahum
41 Studies On Preparation Of Some Citrus Juices As Natural Gamil Fayez Barah -
42 Studies On Lemongrass Oil Soad Mohamed Salam - - - - - -
43 Studies On Differnt Diets Of Some Group Gamil Sayed Hassan
44 Studies On Extraction On Protein From Some Plant Materials Ashour Foad
45 Studies On Dehydration Of Some Agriculture Labna A. E. Mohamed
46 Studies On Coffee And Tea El Saied Farahat Abd Allah - - - - - -
47 Studies On Contmination In Some Vegetables Mohamed Najeeb Haggag
48 Studies On Accelerating Manufacture Steps Of Hard Cheese Waaed I. Abd El Azyz
49 Some Studies On Ice Cream  Hassam A El Nasar - - -
50 Some Studies On Fermented Milk Rafat Mohamed Soliman
51 Some Attempts To Accelerate Gouda Cheese Ripening Different Starters Mohamed N. Abd Gabar
52 Production Of Noodles From Different Flours Of Various Extractions Amiuria M. Abd El Salam
53 Rheological Studies On Some Foods Asherif M. Abd El Hamid - - - - - -
54 Production Of New Types Of Dairy Productd Wafaa Badie El Sabie
55 Production Of Beverages Based On Milk Permeate Nahala M. Mansour - - - - - -
56 Physical And Chemical Studies On Olive Oil Mohamed E. M. Hamdy
57 Physical And Chemical Characteristics Pf Levender Oil Hasnaa Gooda - - - - - -
58 Microbiological Studies On Milk El Sayed E. S. Ismail -
59 Microbiological Studies On Some Non Acid Foods Ahmed Abd El Hamud - -
60 Improving The Hyginic Quality Of Quail Carcasses By Gamma Irradiation Asam H. A. Nasar
61 Fortification Of Some Bakeries Abd Alla A. M. Allam
62 Effect Of Treatment Of The Nutritional Nalue Of Some Fish Ali Abd El Halim
63 Effect On Mixing Different Wheat Varieties On The Milling Efficiency And The Effect Improves The Baking Quality Walied M. El Saway -
64 Effect Of Thermal Processing On Residues Of Insecticides And Fungicides In Canned Foods Mahmoud G. Farg - - -
65 Effect Of Thermal Procesing On Enzyme Activity In Some Fruit Juices Ahmed E. Ahmed
66 Effect Of Semolina Particles Size On Macaroni Quality And Nutritive Value Mohamed, El Sabe
67 Effect Of Gamma Radiation On Some Microorganisms Usually Present In Milk Gamal Ahmed Wahab
68 Effect Of Gamma Irradiation On The Activity Of Microorganisms Producing Biogenic Amines In Some Foods Khalid R. Abd Rabou - - -
69 Effect Of Gamma Irradiation On Some Plant Oils El Sayed Ahmed Afifi
70 Chmeical And Technological Studies On Drying Of Some Fruits And Vegetablees Naglaa M.a. El Deeb
71 Chemical And Technological Studies On Some Egyptian Date Varieties Hanna M. Abd El Azaz -
72 Chemical And Technological Studies On Some Date Products Shehata Ahmed Khalil - - - - - -
73 Chemical And Nutrition Characterization Of Some Natural And Processed Beverages Mohamed K. El Sayed - - - - - -
74 Chemical And Biological Studies Banana Fruit Ola Abd El Aziz Sharaf
75 Chemical And Biological Studies On Some Soybean Products Used To Improve Bakery Products Mashaod A. E. Kamal
76 Chemial And Technologiac Studies On Some Special Food Processing Ahmed M. M. Hamoda
77 Bacteriological And Technological Studies On Fermented Permeate Tahany S. Ahmed
78 Study On Macaroni Production From Durum Wheat And Its By Products Hany M.mahmoud
79 Effect Of Fertilization And Some Growth Regulators On Growth, Yield, And Quality Of Squash Said M. Mohamed Eid - - - - - -
80 Nutritional Requiremaent For Tilapia Fry During Nursing Period Mahmoud Shaban
81 Some Methods Of Modified Starch Production And Application In Some Industries Wafaa Mohamed
82 Biochemical And Technological Studies Soybean Seeds Waled Shehata
83 Study On Soybean Oil Nawal Moustafa Abd El- Aziz
84 Astudy On The Changed In Soil Characteristics Upon Reclamation Of Salheya Soil Fahmy Salem Abdel- Razik - -
85 Studies On Some Food Colours Ali Mohamed Bauomi - - - - - -
86 Microbiological Studies On Some Foods Gamal Al Dine Rassam
87 Studies On Production And Nursing Of Fish Fry Waheed El-wan
88 Study On Some Constituents Of Fenugreek Seeds Fathy Mahrous Mohamed
89 Effect Of Some Essentlal Oils On Growth Of Food Spoilage Mhcroorganisms Said Gabr Ibrahim Soliman - - - - - -
90 Study On Clove Oil Said Gabr Soliman
91 Acceleration Of Domiati Cheese Ripening Using Enzymes Ali Seleem Hassan
92 Raising The Nutritive Value Of Some Cereals And Its Baking Products Ayman Ezzate Soliman - - - - - -
93 Uses Of Dried Skimmilk In Manufacturing Soft Smoked Cheese Mutahar Sharaf Shaiban
94 Flour Supplementation And Its Effect On Characteristics And Nutritive Value Of Bread Enayat Mahmoud Hassan
95 Survey On Different Egyption Bread Nagoa Abd El-fatah
96 Chemical And Nutritional Characterization Of Some Natura And Processed Beverages Mohamed Khairy El-sayed Abdel-hafez?
97 Utilization Of Uf And Ro-concentrated Milk In Manfacturing Of Some Dariy Products Waheed Naser
98 Utilization Zation Of Some Plant Oils In Producti On Of Butter Substitutes And Ke Pin6 Their Quality By Gamma Irradiation Ei-sayed Ahmed Mohamed Afifi
99 Utilization Of Some Legumes Protein Isolates And Concentrates In The Production Of Some Foods Adel El-karamany
100 Utilization Of By Product Of Sugarbeet Industry In Production Of Fungal Protein And Enzymes Hussein Murad - - - - - -
101 Utilitazition Of By-products Of Sugar Beet Industry In Production Of Fungal Protin And Enzymes Hussein Azzaz Abd El-fattah Murad
102 Using Of Soybean Exteract To Produce Some Dairy Like Products  Walid Gafour
103 Trains On Accelerating Cheese Ripening Mohamed Bedir Shahin El-alfy -
104 The Occurance Of Bacillus Cereus And Relationship To The Microbiological Quality And Safety Of Some Foods Ahmed Hassan
105 Tenological And Chemical Studies On Some Foods Hasnaa Abou-taleb Superviser By H.a El-mansy, Am Nezam El-din, At Abd El-hamed. 
106 Technological Studies On The Utilization Of Guar Seeds In Food Processing -
107 Technological, Chemical And Microbiological Studies On Some Diabetic Food Foad All Abd El Galeil El-sherefa
108 Technological Studies On Some Horticulture Crops Alaa Talaat Moustafa El-kady
109 Technological Studies For Production Of Easy Cook Parboiled Cargo Rice Gamal Mrabim Gab-alla -
110 Technological Studies On Smoked Cheese Abdel-aty Mohamed Abdel-aty
111 Technochemical Comparison On Some Fish Products Gama Fouad Mohamed Abd Ei-gawad
112 Stuides On Egyptian Vetiver Oil Ahmad Al-badry Ebrahim Marwan
113 Study On Processing Of Some Fruits And Thier By-products Thoraya Ghani
114 Study On Characteristics And Stability Of Some Edible Oils Mahmoud Gaber Farag -
115 Studies On Using Gamma Irradiation And Some Other Technological Treatments To Improve The Properistes Of Some Food Factories Wastes Mervat Ismail
116 Studies On Thermal Processing Of Some Foods Magdy Fahmy Ahmed El-sheikh Omar
117 Studies On The Quality Of Some Foods Somia Hasan Abd El-latife
118 Studies On The Physical Chemical Properties Chemical Composition On Petitgrain And Neroli Oils And Factor Effecting Them Mohamed Esmatt Nady El-kebeer
119 Studies On The Histerid Beethes (histeridae - Coleoptera) Feeding On Dung In Egypt Magdy Mohamed Salem - - - - - -
120 Studies On The Effect Of Adding Hydrogen Peroxide As A Milk Preservative Gamal Fahmy El-nagar -
121 Studies On The Availability Of Phosphorus Soltan Abd El-ha11ied Abd El-rahman Soltan
122 Studies On Spoilage Of Some Foods Gamal El-deen Mohamed Rassam Nagi El-shamery
123 Studies On Some Physical And Thermal Properties Of Anna Apple Cuiltivar Abdul-mohsin Sabah Soliman
124 Studies On Some Low-lactose Milk Products Wafaa Sadie El-sabie Superviser By A. H. Dawood, Hayam El-gazzar, M. Osman 
125 Studies On Some Foods For Cardiac Disease And Atherosclerosis El-sayed Farahat Sayed Ahmed
126 Studies On Some Food Plant Wastes Omar Radi Mohamed Massoud
127 Studies On Some Fish Oils Ali Ahmed Abd El-halim -
128 Studies On Some Food Additives Amal Ali Abd Elbaky Gaafer
129 Studies On Some Fish And Its Products -
130 Studies On Some Fish Oil Ali El-halim - - - - - -
131 Studies On Some Essential Oils Hussein Ali Hussein Mostafa El-bhary
132 Studies On Some Essential Oils On Growth Of Food Spoilage Microorganisms -
133 Studies On Some Date Variety And Its Products Shehata Ahmed Abd El-fattah Khalil
134 Studies On Some Children Foods Bahlol Hammam
135 Studies On Production Of Some Types Of Pastry Sayed Kassim
136 Studies On Possibility Of Utilization Of Some Important Microorganisms In Food Industries Galal Abd El-fatah Ibrahim Gazal
137 Studies On Modified Starch And Its Products Hesham Yassin Mohamed El-gamil
138 Studies On Minimizing Bread Waste According To Some Nutritional Habits Shereen Lotfi Abou El-ghouth
139 Studies On Microbilogical Quality Of Some Foods Osama Abd El-salam Mahmoud El-sherif - -
140 Studies On Harmful Substances In Some Foods Abd El-mohsen Mahmoud Mahmoud Nezam El-din -
141 Studies On Germ And Protein Concentrated Of Corn Seeds Mohamed Farag
142 Studies On Flavoring Agent In Foods Orabi Awad Mohamed
143 Studies On Fertilization In Relation To Soil Properties El-sayed Hashem Mohamed El-badawy
144 Studies On By-products From Some Vegetables Mahmoud Hassan Mohammed Mahmoud
145 Studies On By-products Of Some Vegetables Processing Hussein Moahmed Radwan - - - - -
146 Studies On By-product Of Some Vegetables Processing Hussein Radwan - - - - - -
147 Studies Of Some Technological Techniques For Improving Quality Of Some Bakery Products Mona Abd El-raheem Farrag Masoud
148 Studies An Minimizing Bread Waste According To Some Nutritional Habits Shereen Nassef - - - - - -
149 Studies En The Constitution Of The Egyptian Eucalyptus Volatile Girls Volatile Oils Eucalyptus Hamada Mahmoud Mohammad -
150 Status Of Some Heavy Metals In Soils Of Qualubia Governorate Samira Youssef Tadross
151 Some Technological And Chemical Studies On Proceeesd Cheese Mohamed Eid Abd Allha Shenana -
152 Some Studies On The Processed Chesse Mahmoud Younis - - - - - -
153 Some Studies On Prickly Pear Fruits Procrss And Uses Ahmed Ahmed - - - - - -
154 Some Studies On The Processed Cheese -
155 Some Studies On Prickly Pear Fruits ”process And Uses” Ahmed El-sayed Mahdy Ahmed -
156 Some Interaction Of Zinc In Soil And Plant M.k.m Nasef
157 Salts Redistribution In Soils Irrigated With Different Water Qualities Ahmed Hassanein Ahmed
158 Properties And Some Uses Of Ultrfilterated Milk Ezzat Abdel Khalik Ahmed Montasser
159 Production Of Some High Dietary Fiber, Low Sodium Baking Products Mostafa Talat Ramadan -
160 Production Of Some Enzymatic From Natural Sources And Its Uses In Food Industry Azza Anwar Kotb Abou Arab
161 Production Of Limited Fish And Keeping Their Quality By Gamma Irradiation Hany El-said Shawki Ali
162 Production Of Balady Bread By Using Hamdy Ahd Ei-azeem Ahou Ei-azm
163 Physiological Responses Of Some Nutritional Traetments In Relation To Productive Traits In Broiler Chicks Younan, Nagy
164 Physico Chemical And Biological Studies On Tortilla Bread Fortified With Soybean Flour And Dried Milk Eman Salah Mohamed
165 Pedological Studies Bearing On Genesis, Morphology And Classification Of Soils Of Wadi El Natrun Depression Samira Abdel Gilil Ashmawy - - - - - -
166 Pedochemical Studies On The Soils Located In The Eastern And Western Sides Of The Nile Delta Morsi Abd Alla Morsi Ebrahim
167 Pedoechemical Studies On Some Valies Of The Eastern Coast Of A.r.e Ahmed Zakeria Ahmed Hassan
168 Mutual Effect Among Some Micronutrients In Soil And Plant Rania Gamal El-din Mohamed Helal
169 Mineralogical Studies On Some Soils Of Sinai Penisula A. A. Abdel Latif
170 Land Evaluation Of Geomorphic Units In The Eastern Desert Of Egypt Using Advanced Technology Abdel Rahman Sayed Abdel Rahman M. El-shemy
171 Keeping The Quality Of Ready-to-eat Meals By Gammairradia Tion Mohammad Hasan Mohammad Abd El-daiem
172 Improvement Of Some Bakery Products Bothyna Mohamed Abd El-latef
173 Impact Of Climate Change On Water Requirements For Some Major Field Crops In Egypt Namait Allah Yesif Osman Mokhtar
174 Fortification Of Some Baking Products With Protein Concentrates Abd-alla Saied-imam Hussein
175 Evaluation Of Nitrosamine Compounds In Some Foods Esmat Anw-ar Kotb Abou Arab
176 Effect Of Heat Transfer On The Rheological And Mechanical Properties Of Some Selected Foods Ashraf Malidy Abdel-hamid Sayed Sharoba
177 Effect Of Different Kinds Of Packaging On Quality Of Some Food Stuffs Sayed Hassan Ahmed Mohsen
178 Diagnosis And Evaluation Of Some Soils In The Northern-west Coast Of Egypt Magdy Abd El-latif Mahmoud
179 Chemical Studies On Some Essential Oils Abd El Fattah Mohamed Hassanien El Zahwey
180 Chemical Studies On Jojoba Oil Soad Salem
181 Chemical Ans Technological Studies On Soybean Proteins Ahmed Adou El-ela Hammad
182 Chemical And Technological Studies On The Production Of Mushroom And The Posibility Of Processing Some Products Kadry Hamed Mahmoud El-wasief
183 Chemical And Technological Studies On Some Vegetable And Fruit Juices Bahaa El-din Moustafa Moustafa
184 Chemical And Technological Studies On Some Sugar Crops Khaled Abou Shady -
185 Chemical And Technological Studies On Some Essential Oils Mohamed Tharwat Mahmoud Ahmed Soliman -
186 Chemical And Technological Studies On Some Fruits And Other Nutritional Raw Materials Characterized Of North Sinai Gamil Fayez Bareh Fanous
187 Chemical And Technological Studies On Improving The Quality Of Macaroni Produced From Local Bread Wheat Flour Nabil Abd Ei-fattah Aly Mohamed El-adly
188 Chemical And Microbiological Quality Of Some Foods Mohamed Amir Hassan Mohamed El-feky
189 Chemical And Microbilogical Studies On Some Essential Oils El-taib Ahmed El-taib El-moshtohory
190 Bio-technological Studies Raising Of Nutrative Value Of Some Bakery Products Gamal Sayed Sadek Hassan
191 Biotechnological Studies On Linc, Iron, Copper And Manganese Bidavailability Df Some Cereal Products Ayman Ezzate Mohamed Soliman
192 Biochemical Studies On Some Aromatic Oils Faten Ramzi Moussa
193 Addition Of Gluten Pentosans, Ascorboc Acid And Milk Casin To Wheat Flour To Produce A High Quality Bakery Products Salah Bedier Superviser By Rm El- .saadany, Mb El-alfy, Aa Atia 
194 Acceleration Of Kachkaval Like Cheese Ripening Mohamed Abdel-moty Said Ahmed Noamaan
Translated Titles 194 161 149 163 164 164 165
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Total 194 161 149 163 164 164 165