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Discussed (Completed) Theses Of Soils and water :: Agriculture

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1 Growth Of Wheat Plant On Light Textured Soils As Influenced By Water Stress And Some Soilconditioners M. M. El-sayed - - - - - -
2 Effect Of Irrigation Intervals Nitrogen And Potassium Levels On Growth, Yield And Nutritional Value Of Wheat Crop M. F. Abdel-aziz
3 Growth Of Wheat Plant On Alight Textured Soil As Influenced By Water Stress And Some Soil Conditioers Maha Mohamed El-sayed
4 Monitoring The Water Quality Of Wells In South Sinai And Their Suitability For Agriculture M. A. Mahmoud
5 Pedological Studies On Some Wadies In Sinai Atif Hassanin El-said Hassanin - - - - - -
6 Studies On Fertilization Of Strawberry Plants Under Egyptian Conditions Samir Abdalla Mohamed Mousa
7 Evaluation Of Sprinkler Irrigation And Its Effect On Some Soil Properties In Southern Tahreersector, (falouga Area)  Mohamed Abdel Hady Abdel Hameed - - - - - -
8 Studies On Symbiotic N2 –fixation Under Soybean In Egyptian Soils Diaa El-din Mohamed Mohamed Sweilm
9 Effect Of Fertilization And Soil Treatment On The Soybean Nodulation Hussein Ahmed Abdel Aziz - - - - - -
10 Solt Tolerance Of Some Agriculture Crops During Early Growth Stages Mohamed Ahmed El–said Al–shazly - - - - - -
11 Studies On Some Treatments Affecting Productivity Of Calcareous Soils Mohamed El-sayed Moursy - -
12 Studies On Soil Improvement In Some Regions Of Sharqeya Governorate W. A. A. El-shirbiny - - - - - -
13 Studies On Reclamation Of Sodic Soils Hoda Sedki Saeid
14 Studies On Desertification And Degradation Of North Delta Soils  A. A. Mohamed
15 Studies On Reclamation Of Saline And Alkali Soils M. M. El-niame -
16 Status Of Some Micronutrients In Soils Of Kalubia Governorate G. A. Badr :
17 Selectivity Coefficients Of Some Cations In Soil And Some Clay Minerals G. F. O. El-sheikhs
18 Pedological Studies On The Soils Of South Portsaid Region M. M. E. Abd El-hadi
19 Pedological Studies Of Some Overlapping Soils El-sharkia Governorate Youssef Lammey Grais -
20 Pedological Studies On The East Of Kom Ombo-aswan Area A. E. A. Hassanein - - - - - -
21 Pedochemical Studies For Some Recently Reclaimed Soils In West Nobariya  E. M. M. Hassanien - -
22 Evaluation Studies On Soils Of Some Desert Areas Designated For Agricultural Expansion M. M. H. Shoman
23 Evaluation Of Some Organic Residues As Nutritive Materials For Plants Grown On Some Newly Reclaimed Soils  H. S. H. El-sheikh -
24 Effect Of Some Soil Conditioners On Availability Of Nutritive Elements In Newly Reclaimed Soils M. A. M. Badr
25 Classification Of Elqaa Plan Soils South Of Sinal Peninsula Based On Aerial Photo-interpretation Taher Abdel-hak Nada
26 Chemical Physical And Nutritional Studies Of Some Soils Of Arab Republic Of Yemen And Arab Republic Of Egypt A. Al-hadad
27 Biochemical Studies On Some Blue-green Algae From Egyptian Soils A. A. Tharwat
28 Availability Of Fe And Mn In Soils As Related To The Redox Potential M. H. H Abbas
29 Pedological Studies On Some Soils In Sinai Mansour El-sayed Ibrahiem El-kafrawy
30 Studies On The Availability Of Soil Mn As Affected By Caco3 Content And Applied A. I. S. M Ahmed
31 Studies On Fertility Evaluation Of Kalubia Soils Using Diagnosis And Recommendation Integrated System Abd El-hady Abd El-hady Mohamed Ahmed
32 Salt Movement As Affected By Moisture Content In Some Egyptian Soils M. A. Abdel Aziz - - -
33 Status Of Some Micronutrients In Some Soils Of Egypt M. A. Abd Alla
34 Phytromediation Of Contaminated Soils With Some Heavy Metals Tamer Mohamed Salem Atia - - - - - -
35 Interaction Between Phosphorus And Some Micronutrients With Regoind To Their Availability In Soils And Their Contents In Plant E. M. Farid - - -
36 Effect Of Irrigation With Sewage Water On Some Physical And Chemical Properties Of Some Egyptian Soils S. E. M. Allam
37 Studies On Nutrient Interaction In Some Soils Of Egypt M. A. El-degwy - - - - - -
38 Studies Of Some Physical And Chemical Properties Os Soils At Edko Lake Zone M. M. A. Al-azab
39 Studies Of Physical And Chemical Properties Of Soils Of Sinai Penisula With Special References To Their Factors Of Formation I. A. E. Ibrahim
40 Studies Of Physical And Chemical Properties Of Soils Of Sinai Penisula With Special References To Their Factors Of Formation I. A. E. Ibrahim
41 Salt Distribution On Newly Reclaimed Soils Under The Use Of Different Irrigation Systems A. H. Ahmed - - - - - -
42 Reactions Of Copper In Soil S. A. E. Mohamed
43 Pedological Studies On Some Soils Of The Southern East Of Delta, A.r.e Mohamed Abd Allah El-naggar
44 Pedological Studies On Some Areas In Sinai Omar Hussiny Mohamed El-hussiny
45 Pedological Studies On Some Soils In Beheira Governorate Donya Mohamed Ibrahim
46 Pedochemical Studies On Some Soils In Toshki Region Ahmed Mohamed Gomaa Aly - - - - - -
47 Nutrient Supplying Power Of Different Layers In Calcareous Soils Affected By Salinity A. M. Khalifa - -
48 Effect Of Some Organic Materials On Movement Of Some Heavy Metals In Soil Waffa Mohamed Abd El-aziz Mohamed
49 Effect Of Some Organic Materials On Movement Of Some Heavy Metals In Soils Wafaa Mohamed Abd El-aziz Mohamed
50 Adsorption Of Some Ions In Soil And Its Agricul Tural Implications Ibrahim Abd El–aty Ali Abou–amer - - - - - -
51 Effect Of Saline Water On Some Physical And Chemical Soil Properties A. D. K. Rahoma
52 Studies On Soil Productivity Under Subsurface Irrigation Magdy Abd El-aziz Ismail
53 Effect Of Some Pollutants And Their Residues On Soil Ecosystem F. A. S. Mahmoud
54 Ecological And Biogical Studies On Some Predaceous Mites In Qalubia Governorate L. M. Halawa
55 Studies Of Factors Affecting Soil Moisture Characteristics In Some Wadies In South Sinai Peninsula Ahmed Hamada Abdel-rahman
56 Soil Classification Of Some Geomorphological Units In South Sinai, Using Modern Techniques Afify Abbas Afify Mohamed
57 Effect Of Quality And Quantity Of Irrigation Water On Some Soil Chemical Properties Fouad Thabet Al-sager
58 Influence Of Some Soil Amendments On Calcareous Soil Properties As Well As On Yield And Chemical Composition Of Wheat Under Irrigation With Saline Water  I. A. I Ashour - - - - - -
59 Accumulation Of Some Nutrients And Heavy Metals In Abu Rawash Area, Giza Governorate M. E. A Khalil - - - - - -
60 Physical And Chemical Studies On Different Types Of Shale’s Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Hassan
61 Quality And Quantity Criteria For Microorganisms And Inorganic Components For Sewage Effluents Used In Irrigated Agriculture Of Desert Areas M. A. Abdel-aziz
62 Effect Of Some Fertilizer Treatments On Sesame Under Sandy Soil Conditions Hamdy Wahba Ahmed Wahba
63 Some Techniques For Reducing Evaporation From Sandy Soils Under Different Irrigation Systems Ibstam Ebrahim El-dardiry - - - - - -
64 Studies On Tolerance Of Some Plants To Salinity And Drought Moharam Fouad Attia
65 Interaction Effects Amang Some Nutritive Elements Of Yiled And Chemical Compostian Of Canoplant Yasser Mohamed El-edfawy Abdalla
66 Studies On Tolerance Of Some Plants To Salinity And Drought Moharram Fouad Attia Mahmoud - - - - - -
67 Degradation Of Herbicide Bonalan In Some Egyptian Soils And Its Effect On Germination, Growth And Nutrients Uptake By Plant M. A Samaan - - - - - -
68 Physical And Chemical Characteristics Of Some Artificial Subtrates Used As Growing Media In Relation To Plant Growth S. M. Shaban -
69 Disparate Effects Of Various Organic Residues To Facilitate Phosphorus In The Soil M. A. E El-ghazoly -
70 Comparative Study On Some Methods Commonly Used For Determining Available--phosphorus In Calcarious Soils H. H. Abbas -
71 Resbonse Of Plant To Phosphorus Fertilization Under Diffrent Levels Of Salinity S. A. Abo-agwa
72 Studing On Phosphate Fertilization And Availability Of Micronutrients In Some Egyption Soils A. S. Eskander
73 Studies On Nutrients Availability From Plant Residues And Different Organic Fertilizers Mohamed Afify Ali El-emam - - - - - -
74 Organic Manures Generated From Different Biogas System In Relation To Biological Properties And Nutritional Status Of Soils S. M. Ahmed - -
75 Effect Of Different Moisture Levels On The Uptake Of Some Nutrients A. A. Mohamed -
76 New Approaches For Fertilization Of Some Maize Varieties Grown On Alluvial Soil T. R. M. Khalel
77 New Approaches For Fertilization Of Some Maize Varieties Grown On Alluvial Soil T. R. M. Khalel
78 New Approaches For Fertilization Of Some Maize Varieties Grown On Alluvial Soil T. R. M. Khalel
79 New Approaches For Fertilization Of Some Maize Varieties Grown On Alluvial Soil T. R. M. Khalel
80 New Approaches For Fertilization Of Some Maize Varieties Grown On Alluvial Soil T. R. M. Khalel
81 New Approaches For Fertilization Of Some Maize Varieties Grown On Alluvial Soil T. R. M. Khalel
82 Studies On Soil-water Relatioships In Some Newly Reclaimed Egyption Soils Mokhtar Zaki Wasef
83 Effect Of Some Natural And Organic Resources On Corn Productivity Under Conditions Of Sprinkler And Drip Irrigation S. R. M. Abrahim
84 Status Of Some Heavy Metals In Some Drains And Canals In Kalubia Governorate Yasser Mahmoud Ali Mahmoud
85 Geochemical Evaluation Of Some Profiles In South Western Sinai, Egypt Reda Abdel-shaheed Abdel-gawad
86 Study On Controlled-release Fertilizers In Egyption Soils Mohamed Saied Awad
87 Environmental Impacts Of Successive Mineral Fertilization On Some Properties Of Soil And Plant Grown Thereon Ahmed Aziz El-dein Abou Baker Abd El-hafez
88 Studies Of Fertilizers Requirements Of Canola Plants M. A. A Ali
89 Impacts Of Safety Agriculture On Some Characteristics And Productivity Of A Desert Soil M. A. S. Ahmed
90 Studies Some Problems Facing Newly Reclaimed Desert Soils In Egypt Tarek Hashem Mohamed Abd El-aziz
91 Effect Of Nitrogen Fertilizers And Water Stress On Growth Yield And Evapotranspiration Of Corn S. M. El-masrawy -
92 Behavior Of Chromium In Soil And Plant Using Tracer Technique Ibrahim El-desouky Ahmed Mousa
93 Effect Of Some Feed Additive On Fattening And Carcass Characteristics Of Friesian Calves Al-mohtaz Bellah Mahfouz -
94 Factors Affecting Availability Of Iron And Zinc In Calcareous Soil  M. A. A. Younes
95 Evaluation Of Selected Composted Organic Sources On Potato Plant Grown In Sandy Soil Using Nuclear Technique Ahmed Abd El Monem Ahmed Moursy
96 Yield And Nutrient Uptake Characteristics Of Alfalfa. Populations Under Sandy Soil A. K. M. Salem
97 Water Use And Fertilization Efficiencies For Plant Under Different Irrigation Systems Walid Farouk Hussein El- Bably
98 Utilization And Wood Industry Wastes As Soil Conditioners S. M. S. Mohamed
99 Using Of Non-traditional Soil Conditioners For Improving Properties And Productivity Of Calcareous Soils (maryut Area) Mohamed Saleh Abd El-aziz Mohamed
100 Use Of Low Quality Water In Irrigation And Its Effect On Soil Propertise Ahmed Abd El-alim Hassan El-gazar
101 Trials Towards Treating Water And Soil Polluted Due To Some Anthropogenic Activities G.f.o. El-shiekh
102 Toweards Effictive Water Managment Fpr Some Filed Crops In North Nile Delta Region Kassab, M.m.e
103 Towards A New Approach For Assessing The Hazardous Effects Of Soil Salinity And Sodicity Mostafa Mohamed Mostafa El- Ghanam -
104 Tile Dratnage In Relation To Soil Characteristics And Plant Growth Bahgat Hanna Naguib
105 The Use Of Pan-evaporation For Irrigation Scheduling Of Potato Crop Under Different Conditions Of K-fertilization Tarek Ahmed Ahmed Mohamed Eid
106 The Nature Of Response To K-fertilization And Factors Affecting It Ismail Abdul-rahman Al-haddad
107 The Effect Of Soil Temperature And Soil Moisture On The Soil Water Movement Ahmed Omar Ahmed Abd El-dyem - - - - - -
108 Suitabllity Of Some Land Evaluation Systems In Newly Reclaimed Areas Of Egypt Abd El-halim Abd El-wahab Mohamed - - - - - -
109 Studies Pollution Of Soil And Plant In Egypt M. E. A. Matter - - - - - -
110 Studies On Title Drainage In Some Egyption Soils M.z. Wasef
111 Studies On The Nutrition Of Rice Plants Moustafa Mohamed Aboul Enein Badr
112 Studies On The Integrated Fertilization To Maximize Wheat Production In Newly- Reclaimed Soils Ahmed Mohamed Abd El-hafeez
113 Studies On The Improvement Of Certain Hydrophysical Properties Of Some Egyptian Soils Mohamed Ali Shahine El-shouny
114 Studies On The Improvement Of Some Characteristics Of Soil Irrigated With Agricultural Drainage Water Mohamed Ahmed El-said El-shazly
115 Studies On The Chemistry Of Phosphorus Compounds In The Calcareous Soils Treated With Organic Materials Nadia Mohamed Badran - - - - - -
116 Studies On The Chemical Forms Of Some Micronutrients In Soils And Their Relation To Plant H.s.saeid - - - - - -
117 Studies On Some Organic Residues Enriched With Some Macro And Micronutrients Mohamed Abdel-momen El-sayed El-ghazoli
118 Studies On Some Heavy Metals In Soil And Plant Mohamed Essam Attia Khalil - - - - - -
119 Studies On Some Factors Infleuncing The Avaiability Of Applied And Soil Native Phosphorus M. E. Ali -
120 Studies On Some Factors Affecting Phosphorus Avaialability In Soils A. S Soltan -
121 Studies On Reclamation Of Sandy Soils Abdei Moniem Abd El Magid El Toukhy - - - - - -
122 Studies On Recycling Of Some Agricluture Environmental Wastes For Organic Fertillizers:  E.h. Ahmed Allam
123 Studies On Reclamation Of Saline Sodic Soils F.a.m.farag - - - - - -
124 Studies On Pollution Of Soil And Plant In Egypt Mohamed Elsaid Abu El-atta Mattar - - -
125 Studies On Nutrient Uptake By Plant As Affected By Soil Conditioners And Water Stress Under Green-house Conditions Abdel-rehem Badawi Ismail
126 Studies On Iron Compounds In Plant And Thier Relation To Plant Nutrition Sami Mohamed Ali Shata
127 Studies On Balanced Fertilization Of Wheat Plant Osama Ahmed Mohamed Galal
128 Studies On Arsenic And Cadmium In Soils And Waters Sayed Ahmed El-tohamy Mohamed
129 Status Of Manganese In The Soils Of Qalyubia Governorate A. H. Abdel Hameed - - - - - -
130 Soil Moisture Characteristics Of Some Soils In’ Kalubia Governorate Khairy Abo El-haseeb Khalil - - - - - -
131 Scheduling Irrigation Of Maize Using The Evaporation Pan Method Under Different Fertilization Regimes And Their Effect On Soil Characteristics Samia Mahmoud Salem El-marsafawy
132 Response Of Tuber Crops (potato) To Potassium Fertilization In Some Soils In Egypt N. M. H. Gomaa
133 Retention And Release Of Some’ Heavy Elements In Polluted Soils Ragab Ali Mohamed Badr
134 Response Of Some High-yielding Maize Cultivars To Mineral And Bio-n Fertilization Hamdy Wahba Ahmed Wahba
135 Response Of Plant To Some Fertilization Treatments In A Calcareous Soil M. F. Abel Aziz - - - - - -
136 Response Of Growth And Yield Of Wheat Cv Seds7 To Fe And Zn Application Under Amnonia Injection M.g. Darwish Abdelkader -
137 Reactions Controlling The Release And Retention Of P In Some Soils Of Egypt Mohammed El-sayed Ali Ali
138 Productivity Of Some Salt Affected Soils Asinflu Enced By Chemical Amend Ements And Organic Materials H.f. Missiry
139 Pollution Assessment And Removal From Manzala Lake Area Mohamed Mohsen Ei-kholy - -
140 Physical, Chemical And Mineralogical Studies On Some Calcareous Soils Of Egypt G.a. Abdel-kader
141 Physical And Chemical Behaviour Of Some Pesticides Applied To Some Soils Adel Fahmy Shehata - - - - - -
142 Physical, Chemical And Mineralogical Studies Of Some Reclaimed Soils In Egypt  Magdy Mohamed Abd El-salam Al Azab
143 Pedological And Mineralogical Aspects As Criteria Of Soil Genesis, Formation And Taxonomy Ofthe Desert Belt Region Betweeen El-fayoum And The Nile Valley Using Remote Sensing Technique M.m.h.i Shoman
144 Pedochemical Studies On Soils Of Some Plains In Sinai Wafaa Hussein Abd Al-aziz
145 Pedochemical Studies Of Some Zones Of Encroachment Between Tha Nile Delta And The Desert In Qalubia Governorate Elsayed Ahmed El-shenawy
146 Pedochemical Studies On Soils Of Some Depressions In The Weastern Desert Abd Ei-rahman Haasaan Ei-hamdl
147 Pedo- Chemical Studies On Some Soils Of North Western Coast Of Egypt Donya Mohamed Ibrahim
148 Organic Farming As A New Technique Of Nutrient Management In The Newly Reclaimed Soil Faten Abd El-aziz Abas El-kamar
149 Organic Refuses Composted By Micro-organisms And Their Effect On The Availabiltty Of Some Nutrients In Newly Reclaimed Soils Moustafa Mohamed Hassan Mohamed - - - - - -
150 Occurrance And Maintaining Micronutrient Levels In Calcareous Soils ( Using Soil Amendments Enriched With Micronutrients) Manal Abd El-moneim Ahmed Yonis
151 Nitrogen Turnover To Improve Cropping Yield In Sustainable Agriculture Using 15n Technique Sherien Mohamed El-degwy
152 Mineralogical Study Of Some Soil Unites In Siwa Oasis,egypt Nabil Mohmed Abd El-latef Ahmed Bahanasawy
153 Methods And Techniques For Maximizing Efficiency Of Saline Water For Irrigation Hany Salem Hamdy El-sheikh
154 Management Of Balanced Fertilization For Some Crops In Sandy And Calcarious Soils And Its Role In Relieving Drought And Salinity Conditions S. M. Ibrahim
155 Limitations Of Fertility In Some Sandy Soils In Sinai And Means Of Its Improvement Abd El-kader Abd El-fattah Abd El-kader - - - - - -
156 Land Suitability Of Some Physiographic Units For Irrigated Agriculture In North Sinai Mahmoud Khairy Mohamed Mahmoud - - - - - -
157 Land Suitability Classification Of Fayoum Depression Soils For Some Crops E. M. M. Hassaneion
158 Land Evaluation Of Some Soils In Arab Rebublic Of Egypt Mohamed Abd Allah El-naggar - - - - - -
159 Land Study Ability Of Some Phgiographic Units For Irrigated Agriculture In North Sinai:  Mahmoud Khairy Mohamed
160 Land Evaluation Of Eastern Delta Region Using Remote Sensing Techniques Hussein Kamal Zaki - - - - - -
161 Iron In Calcarious Soils K.s.a. El-hedek -
162 Interaction Effects Of Some Nutritive Elements On Sugar Beet Production Grown On Calcarious Soil Mohsen Mohamed Abbas Abd El-migged -
163 Inducing Salt Tolerance Of Some Selected Wheat Varieties Ekra Mohamed Ei A Wer
164 Improvement Of Soil Charachterstics In Some Soils Irrigated With Low Quality Water W. Abd El Karim - - -
165 Improvement Of Sandy Soils By The Use Of Hydrogels Derived From Agricultural And Industrial Wsstes S. A. H. Wanas
166 Improrement Of Shale Deposits In South- West Sinai Egypt Py Extraction Of Some Poisonous Elements Reda Adbd El-shaheed Abd Wl-gawad Ghazalar
167 Impact Of Sulfur Containing Materials On Plant Nutrients In Soils Adel Mohammed Khalefa
168 Impact Of Different Levels And Forms Of Gypsum On Soil Properties And Plant Growth Amal Moner Aziz Supervised Mohamed El-sayed Ali, Esmat Hassan Ateia Nofal, Sayed Abd Ei-kader Ibrahim, Fawkia Labib Bahna, Ei-sayed Mahmoud Ei-hadidi. 
169 Impact Of Organic Manure Application And Chemical Composition Of Canola Plant Hamed Ali Awad-alla Ali
170 Impact Of Compaction On Soil Physical Properties And Plant Growth H. M. S. Hassan
171 Genesis Formation Classification And Evaulation Of Some Soils In The Eastern Desert Egypt Atif Hassanin El-said Hassanin - - - - - -
172 Fertility Status Of Some Soils In Tushka And Its Effect On The Productivity Of Some Crops Mohamed Fathy Amin Hussien
173 Fertilty Status Of Some Soils In South Sinai Mohamed Abdel-warth Mahmoud
174 Factors Governing Chemical Behaviour Of Some Trace Elements In Soil Ahmed Osman Ahmed Ismail - - - -
175 Factors Affcting Content In Soil And Its Availability To Plant Khososy.a.m
176 Evaluation Of Water Harvesting In Some Wadis At West Of Mersa Matruh North-western Coastal Zone, Egypt S. A. S. Ismail
177 Evaluation Of Some Techniquesof Fertilization With Phosphorus Fertilizer And Some Traceelement Fertilizers Taha Abdel-khalik Mohamed El-maghraby
178 Evaluation Of Some Soils In West Nubariya, Egypt M. E. I. El-kafrawi
179 Evaluation Of Efficiency Of Some N-slow-release Fertilizers Under Different Rates Of Phosphatic Fertilizers A.k. Ahmed
180 Effect Of Using Sewage Effluents On Soil And Some Oil Crops Charactristics Mervat Asaad Hamed Mahmoud -
181 Effect Of Sulphur On Mobility And Availability Of Some Nutrients In Soil And Plant Mohamed Sayed Abd El- Fatah
182 Effect Of Some Treatments Used In Fish Farming On Soil Properties And Fish Production R. A. M. Nashy -
183 Effect Of Some Treatments On Salt Tolerence Of Plant M. G. M. Rifaat -
184 Effect Of Some Soil Amendments And Boron Content Of Water On Soil Properties And The Biochemical Components Of Sugar Beet Yield Under Irrigation With Saline Water Ismail Ali Imam Ashour - - -
185 Effect Of Some Plasticulture And Fertigation Treatments On Productivity And Fruit Quality Of Strawberry N.m.h. Essi - - - - - -
186 Effect Of Some Micronutrients Supplying Power On Some Oil Crops Productivity In Calcarious Soils Moharram Fouad Attia Mahmoud
187 Effect Of Some Environment Al Wastes On Propert Ies And Prodvctivty Of Som Soils In Beni Suefgovernorate Salah El-din Mohamed Owls El-sisi
188 Effect Of Some Fertilization Treatments On Decreasing Nitrate Accumulation In Vegetable Plants Doaa Mohamed Ramadan Abo-basha
189 Effect Of Slow Release And Readily Soluble Nitro Gewous Fertilizer On The Avalability Of Some Macro And Micro-naturients Fayez Morcos Fahmy
190 Effect Of Soil Conditionerson Some Physical And Chemical Properties In Some Egyptian Soils Mahmoud Mohamed Fahim Mostafa
191 Effect Of Sewage Sludge On Some Physical And Chemical Characteristics Of Sandy Soils And Plant Growth M.a.a Salem
192 Effect Of Seage Sludge Amendments Soil On Accumulation Of Some Heavy Metals In Plant Samir El-sayed Mahrous
193 Effect Of Plant Spacing And Nitrogen Fertilizer Rates On Yield And Quality Of Flax Plant Mahmoud Khairy Mohamed Mahmoud
194 Effect Of Nitrification Inhibitors On Efficiency Of Nitrogen Fertilizers Emad El-din Abd El-hakim El-akel
195 Effeciency Of Some Micronutrient Fertilizers As Influenced By Different Nitrogen Sources In Some Soils Of Egypt Mohaed Said Awad Bayoumi
196 Distribution And Transport Of Trace Elements And Some Cations And Anions In Soils Treated With Various Amendments Mostafa Abdel-aty Nasef
197 Detection Of Soil Desertification In The Northern Part Of The Delta Using Multi Temporal Processing Taher Abd Ei-haq Nada
198 Contamination Of Soil With Heavy Metals And The Consequent Implications On Plant Growth N.i. Ghayad
199 Comparitive Study On The Effect Of Natural And Synthetic Soil Conditioners On Physio-chemical Properties Of Some Salt Affected Soils Salah El-din Mohammed Hefny - -
200 Chemical And Physical Studies On Some Soils Of Kalubia Governorate N. I Abdel Aal - - - - - -
201 Chemical And Mineralogical Studies On Some Newly Reclaimed Sandy Soils In Egypt Adel Mohamed Abdel-rahman Zayed - - - - - -
202 Changes In Salt Affected Soils Upon Their Reclamation And Or Amending Mohamed Abdel-aziz Fayid
203 Change In Land Use In Some Regions Of Egypt :  A. A. Mohamed - - - - - -
204 Cations And Anions Interrelationships During Salinization And Alkalization Processes Insqme Soils Of A.r.e Hassan Hamza Abbas Ramadan
205 Capability Classification Of The Calcareous Soils At The North-western Coast Of Egypt As Related To Pedogenetic Classification Mohamed Abdel Moneim Metwally Kassem
206 Bioremediation Of Agricultural Soils Polluated With Heavy Metals And Organic Compounds Mohamed Hassan Hamza Abbas
207 Biological Studies On Some Soils In North Sinai M. H. Abdel Salam - - - - - -
208 Biofertilization And Retention Of Phosphorous By Soil Mohamed Ali Ahmed Abdel-salam -
209 Biochemical Studies On Some Legume Seeds George Abeid Abd El-malak
210 Behaviour And Availability Of Iron In Some Soils Of Egypt E. H. A. Naufal
211 Assessment Of Some Methods For Improving The Fertility Of Calcareous Soils In Nubaria North Tahrir Egypt Mohamed Ei-sayed Moursy
212 Assessment Of Some Existing Land Utilization Types In Soil Of El-hasainya Plain; North-east Of Delta F.s.abd Elrazik
213 Assessment Of Soil Degradationin Relation To Roductivity In Some Reclaimed Lands At El-nasr Canal- West El-nubaria Area” Farag Mohamed Ali Farag
214 Adsorption-desorption Reactions Of Copper In Some Soils And Clay Minerals Domination Therein Ahmed Hamada Abd El-rahman
215 Adsorption Of Some Ions In Soil And Its Agricultural Implications I. A. Abou Amer
216 A Study On The Beravior Of Some Trace Elements In Calcareous And Lacustrine Soil Environments Sherine Shehata Mourid - - - - -
217 A Study On Some Management Practice In Calcareous Soils And Their Refelection On Soil Physical, Mechanical Properties And Crop Production Wagieh Ahmed Ahmed El-shirbeny
218 A Study On Soil Taxonomy And Land Fvaluation For Specific Utilization Of Some Promising Areas In Sinai Mohammed K, Sadek - - - - - -
219 A Study On Cotton Growth Under Saline Conditions S.a.a. El-raies
220 A Comparative Study Of The Use Of Normal And Slow Release N-fertilizers  Hasab El-nabi Ahmed Madkour
221 A Comparative Study Of Nitrogen And Micronutrients Application And Their Effect On Onion Yield And Yield Components M. Abdel Aziz B. Badr - - - - -
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Total 221 167 154 169 176 175 173