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Discussed (Completed) Theses Of Animal Production :: Agriculture

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1 Biosynthesis Of Bacteriocins And Application In Dairy Products Atallaha A. A. Mabrouk
2 Some Factors Affecting Productive And Physiological Traits In Turkey Mohmoud Atef
3 Some Factors Affecting Protein Requirement For Tilapia Fish Ibrahim Moussa
4 Studies On Monosex Tilapia Nilotica Ahmed Farouk
5 Effect Of Certain Antibiotic Drugs And Certian Aminoacids On The Physilogical Activites Growing And Residual Measurments In Tilapia Fish Gamel Mona -
6 Studies On Some Productive Traits In Sheep Abdul-bari Abdul-rab Ali El-qobati
7 Studies On Sheep Nutrition Hany Sayed Mahdey Hilial - - - - - -
8 Physiological Studies On Sheep Reproduction Manal Elsayed Mousa Mousa - -
9 Study Of Some Factors Affecting Production Of Some Sheep Under Egyptian Condition  Tamer Mosaad
10 Some Factors Affecting Reproductive Triats In Sheet Faiz Abdel-fatha
11 Factors Affecting Productive Effeciecncy In Sheep Under Subtropical Condition Ahmed Fouad -
12 Study Of Carcass Quality In Local Sheep Abdel-hamed
13 The Effect Of Energy Protein And Fiber On The Production Of Rabbits Abdu Mohamed Emaad - -
14 Nutritional Effect Of Rabbite Manure On The Performance Of Grpwing Rabbites Amany Amin,
15 Nutritional And Biological Studies On Interaction Between An Antibiotic Steroid And Certain Antibiotics In Rabbits Abdel-naser Mohamed
16 Genetic And Phnotypic Analasis For Some Reproductive Traits In Rabbite Said, El Sayed
17 Evalution Of Growth And Production Performance Of Gabli Rabbits Soliman Mohamed
18 Genetic And Phenotypic Analsis For Furrais In Rabbits Amira Soliman - -
19 The Use Of Azollain Rabbits Nutrition Tarek Abo El-sood
20 Studies On Some Reproductive Traits In Rabbits Abd El-motalib Ahmed Abd El-motalib El Okil, - - - - - -
21 Some Studies On Rabbites Nutritionts Mohamed Abdel Mohsen
22 Effect Of Photoperiod On Ovrain Endocrine Function In Rabbits Hussein Mostafa Mohamed El-zaher
23 Biological Studies On Some Predaceous Mites Ibrahim Abd El-semieh Ibrahim - - - - - -
24 Survey Of Thyroid Activity In Poultry Tarek Gaber
25 Genetic Studies In Poultry Wasim Ali
26 Studies On Minerals Metabolism In Poultry Saied Salem
27 Estimation Of Heterosis And Compining Abilities For Some Economic Traits In Chickens Zein Abedeen
28 Physiological Studies On Pituitary Gland Ovary And Its Relationships With The Milk Production In Cows Wagiha Galal Saleh El-omrany - - - - - -
29 Productive Performance Of Broiler Chicks Hesham Ragab Amin Samak
30 Factors Effecting Lamb Production Ibrahim Abd El-mageed Khalil
31 Lifetime Productive Traits Of Holsahtein Friesian Cattle Raised In Eygpt Safaa Sahah
32 Serum Levels Of Progesterone And Some Biochemical Parameters In Relation To Productive Activities Production In Fowls Soheir Mohamed - - - - - -
33 Effect Of Some Biotechnological Methodology On Some Productive And Reproductive Traits In Fow Osama Hassan Mansour El-garhy - - - - - -
34 Studies On Carp Propegation In Egypt Kamal Ali
35 Integrated Fish-farm Animal Culture Ramadan Abdel-hadi Mohamed Abu-seef
36 Performance Of Productive Efficiency And Egg Quality Of Some Egyptian Chickens Enas Mohamed - - - - - -
37 Physiological Studies On Pituitary Gland,ovary And Its Relationships With The Milk Production In Cows Wagiha Galal Saleh El-omrany - -
38 Studies On Factors Affecting Some Phsyiological And Production Traits In Chickens Mostafa Kamal
39 Viral And Antiviral Studies On Chickens Embryo Primary Culture Ibrahim Abdel-mohsen - - - - - -
40 Study Of Some Incubation Problems And Factors Affecting Productive Efficiency In Commercial Hybrids Chickens Ahmed Mohamed -
41 Factors Affecting Productive Efficiency In Chicken Ahmed Abd El-khalek Mohamed - - - - - -
42 Estimation Of Some Phenotypic And Genetic Parameters On Body Weight Of Dokki 4 Chickens Mahmoud Maghraby, -
43 Study Some Of The Problems Of Localization And Spawning Some Commercial Camel Mahmoud Mabrouk
44 Some Factors Affecting Reproduction In Male Calves And Bafflous Ali Abdel-rahman
45 Performance Of Friesian Calves Under Different Management Condition Maged Hosny
46 Productive And Reproductive Performance In Egyption Buffaloes As Affected By Feeding During Calving In Laction Bayoumi Hassan - - - - - -
47 Effect Of Feed Dietary Feed Additives On Productive Perfomance Of Broilers Atef Girgis
48 Some Pactors Appecting Productive Efficikncy In Chicken Under Snder Subtropical Conditions Gaapar Mohamed Ebrahim El-gendi - - - - - -
49 Improvment The Nutritive Value Of Foor Quality Roughages And The Effect Of Its Feeding Abd El Malak
50 The Use Of Some Processing Refueses In Rabbits Feedings Abd El-haleem Abo El Moez Abd El Haleem Azzazy - - - - - -
51 The Use Of Some Agricultural By Products In Brioler Diets Ahmed, Naser El-deen
52 The Reproductive Performance Of Egyptian Buffalo Hassan Bayoumi
53 The Possibility Of Using Irradiated Untraditional Feedstuffs In Rabbits Nutrition Hussein Mohamed Salah - - - -
54 The Effect Of Level Of Concentrate Feeding And Roughage On Meat Production Kamal Etman -
55 Studies On Some Productive Traits In Fish Abd El-bari Abd El-rab Ali
56 Studies On Some Productive Traits In Fish Abd-el Fattah Fatma
57 Studies On Productive Performance And Some Physiological Parameters In Broiler Chicks Eglal Abd Ei- Samee Ei-zahaby - - - -
58 Studies On Physiological And Immunological Traits In Quail Mohamed Mohamed Ali -
59 Studies On Oreochromis Niloticus Nutrition Ahmed Shady Salah El-din
60 Studies On Mango,is Fruit Rots  G. M. D. Elhabaa
61 Some Reproductive And Productive Studies In Rabbits Samia Zakaria Meshreky
62 Some Physiological Factors Affecting The Productive Efficienct In Chicken .mohamed Zaki Abdalla Nofal
63 Some Nutritional Studies On Rabbits Mohamed Abdulhabib Radman Ahmed
64 Some Factors Affecting On Growth Of Nile Tilapia Ibrahem Moussa Samra
65 Some Factors Affecting On Reproductive Traits Of Nile Tilapia Ahmed Farouk Fath El-bab
66 Some Factors Affecting Milk Production In Cattle Magdy Hassan Ahmed Abou El-fadl -
67 Sire Differences For Milk Production Traits In Friesian Cattle Mohamed Farag
68 Setimation And Evaluation Of Sire Trainsmitting Abilities For Growth Traits In Chickens Mahmoud Maghraby Iraqi -
69 Relationship Of Sexual Hormones Variation Productive Activities In Rabbits Hassan Gamal Magdy -
70 Poor Quality Roughage In Ewes Nutrition During Pregnancy And Suckling Periods Sayeda Mahmoud Mahmoud Ahmed
71 Physiological Studies On Reproduction In Rabbits Mohamed Fahmy Mahmoud Saad
72 Physiological Studies On Mammary Gland In Cows Mamdouh M -
73 Physiological Studies On Cattle Responses For Different Climatic And Farm Management Maged Hosny Hamyd Ahmed Kandeal
74 Physiological Studies On Cattle Responses For Different Climatic And Farm Management Maged Hosny Hamyd Ahmed Kandeal
75 Physiological Studies Of Sheep In Egypt Tarek Mosalam Mahmoud Mahdy Nada
76 Nutritional Studies On The Use Of Some Farm Products In Poultry Feeding Ali Samir Abdel Sami
77 Improvement Of Some Quality Characters In Faba Bean(vicia Faba)using Molecular Genetics  Mohamed Hassan Reffat Mohamed -
78 Growth And Development Of Some Organs, Muscular And Fatty Tissues And Bones In Lamb Carcasses Abd El-hamed Ahmed Awad Ibrahim Gomaa
79 Genetic Studies On Ducks Moustafa Ali Ibrahim Shamara
80 Genetic Improvement In A Herd Of Egyptian Buffaloes Kawther Abdel Moneim
81 Genetic Evaluation For Some Productive Traits In Rabbits Amira Soliman
82 Genetic Evaluation For Sires And Dams In Rabbits Zein El Abedin Adel Hamid P Supervised By Maher H. Khalil, Mohamed Hanafi. 
83 Genetic And Non-genetic Aspects Of The Productive Efficiency Of The Rabbits Doe Ahmed Farid Mahmuod Ei-said Hilmy -
84 Genetic Analysis For Some Productive Traits In Purebred And Graded Dairy Cattle Under Egyptian Condition Samira Arafa Abdou
85 Genetic Analysis For Productivity Of Gabali Rabbits Raised In The North Western Coast Of Egypt Mohamed Ali Gad Soliman - - - - - -
86 Genetic Analysis For Some Productive And Reproductive Traits In Dairy Cattle Safaa Salah Sanad Ibrahim - -
87 Genetic Analysis For Productiving Of Gabali Rabbits Raised In The North-western Coast Of Egypt Soliman Mohamed Ali Gad
88 Factors Affecting Meat Yield In Briolers  Gaafer Mahmoud Ibrahim El-gendi -
89 Evaluation Of Some Local Breeds For The Physiological Characteristics Related To Production Efficiency Hakim Ernest
90 Evaluation Of Poultry Slaughterouse By-broducts As Source Of Protein In Proilers Rations Hussein Mohamed
91 Evaluation Of Different Methods Of Estimating Correction Factors For Milk Production Records In Dairy Cattle Mahmoud El-sayed Mahmoud Gad
92 Evaluating And Improving The Productive Performance In Some Local Chickens Ragab Amin Hesham
93 Estimation Of Genetic And Phenotyic Parameters For Some Productive Traits In Poultry Mostafa Ghonamy
94 Effect Of Protein Levels In Rations On The Immune Response And Body Weight In Fowl Mohamed Foad Nahed
95 Effect Of Crossbreeding On Some Productive Traits In Rabbits Mohamed El-amin Amer
96 Different Methodes For The Genetic Evaluation Of Breeding Animal In Dairy Cattle Sameih Mohamed
97 Crossbreeding Between Al-gabali And New Zealand White Rabbits In The North Coast-belt Of The Egyptian Western Desert Moustafa Misbah Abd El-aziz
98 Comparative Study On The Nutritional Value Of Some Cattle And Chicken Wastes Aadel Abdel Moaty - - - - - -
99 An Experimental Toxic Bromatological Evaluation Of Feeding Cottonseed Meal And Alpha To Copherol To Tilapia Fish Abdel-naser Mohamed
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Total 99 80 74 80 84 82 79