Faculty of Agriculture: Department of Agricultural Engineering

Experience In This Department: 7

Taha Hassan Mokhtar Ashour
Mohamed El-Ansary
Zakaria El-Haddad
Adel H. Bahnasawy
Samir Ahmad Ali
# details
1 Aquacultural Engineering Consultant إستشارى هندسة الزراعة المائية
2 تصميم منشآت الإنتاج الحيواني والدواجن
3 تصميم وإدارة البيوت المحمية
4 تصميم وإدارة المزارع السمكية
Harby M. S. Mostafa
Montaser Abdallah Awad
Abou-Srie Ahmed Hassan Farag
Elsayed Gomaa Elsayed Khater
# details
1 Expert in Aquaculture fish farm
2 Expert in greenhouses
3 High experiences in aquaponics, hydroponic and aeroponic systems
Mohamed Tohamey Afify
Ahmed Hassan Abdelfattah
Ahmed Khaled Abd ElWahab Mohamed
Hany Mohamed El-Sharawy
Heba Ragab Sayed Ahmed Sayed Ahmed
Mohamed Fikry Mohamed Ahmed
Mokhtar Ibrahim Elsayed Dabbour
Shaban Gaber Ali Gouda
lamia ali ahmed said drwish
Mohamed Sabry Mohamed Ahmed
Nora Negm Sayed Ahmed Hussein
Zainab Mohamed Farg Desouky
Zakia Aboul Fotouh Fathy Hussien