Faculty of Agriculture: Department of Plant Protection

Experience In This Department: 21

Safaa Mahmoud Mohamed Halawa
Abd Elrahman Ahmed Mustafa Elbarry
Adel Abd-Elhamied Hafez Elkahal
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1 Scientific Consultant of Protection Comp. of Pest Control
Ahmed Abd Elwahab Abd Elgawad
Ahmed Abdel-Ghafar Abdo Darwish
Fares Amin Mohamed Ellaqwa
Fawzy Faiek SHALABY
# details
1 Discussed, as external examiner, of 33 Theses (11 M. Sc and 22 Ph. D. Theses) in other Egyptian Universities
2 Experience in the applied biological control of insect pests and weeds
3 One of the supervising committee and the final Discussion committee of a Ph. D. thesis about the integrated control of the tobacco whitefly, Bemisia tabaci in Syria, in the Faculty of Agriculture, Damascus University, SYRIA (degree awarded 2008).
4 Participation in Scientific Conferences in and outside Egypt
5 Post-Doctor Scientific Missions for achieving research activities in a- A Scientific mission of one year (July, 31st 1977 to June, 30th 1978 ) in the : « Station des Recherches de Lutte Biologique, Institute Nationale de la Recherche Agronomique, Antibes, FRANCE. » b- A Scientific mission of one month ( September 1st to 30th 1984 ) at the Department of Plants & Forests at Alnarp, Swedish University, SWEDEN. c- A mission to Florida, U. S. A. (in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Yahia Hussein Fayad, Head Researcher of Biological Pests’ Control in thePlant Protection Research Institute, A. R. C.) and director of the “National Project for the Biological Control of Water Hyacinth in Egypt”, during May, 2000 for collection and introduction, to Egypt,of two beneficial specific monophagous weevil species; Neochetina eichhornia and N. bruchi (Coleoptera : Curculionidae) for the Biological Control of water hyacinth in Egypt.
6 Research activities in Biological Control of Insect Pests & Weeds
7 Supervising (in collaboration with the staff-members of my Department and the Agricultural Research Center) the scientific theses (M. Sc.and Ph. D.) of post graduate students, mainly in fields of Biological Control of insect pests& weeds and Integrated Pest Management. More than 45 M. Sc. Theses and more than 30 Ph. D. Theses of which their degrees have been awarded.
8 Teaching courses of Advanced Biological Control, Advanced Insect’s Classification, Biotechnology in Insect Pests Control for postgraduate students.
9 Teaching courses of General Entomology, Economic Entomology, Insects’ classification, and Biological Pests’ Control for under-graduate students
Gad Hamada Hassan Rady
Ali Mohamed Shams El Din
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1 أحد مؤسسي الجمعية القومية لحماية البيئة وعضو مجلس إدارتها منذ عام 1985 ورئيسا لمجلس الإدارة منذ عام 2001
2 المشاركة والتنسيق لاجتماع قيادات التعليم العالي بمصر والممكلة المتحدة في مجال البحوث والابتكار و التعليم يناير 2016
3 رئيس مجلس إدارة مركز الشباب بالجزيرة 2004-2006.
4 مستشار المجلس القومي للسكان لمحافظة القليوبية 2010
Ezzat Farag Awad El-Khayat
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1 الاستشارات الجامعية والمستمرة لكافه مزارعي القليوبية
2 الاستشارات في مجال مكافحة الآفات المنزلية.
Hazem Mohamed Elewa Abdelnabby
Ibrahim Abdallha Gaaboub
# details
1 Experienced in using Photoshop CS
2 Experienced in using statistic software (SAS, MSTAT-C and Sigma plot)
3 Gained experience in designing screens for multimedia presentations, and preparing documents for the world-wide web.
4 Gained experience in Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint)
5 Histochemistry, Electrophysiological apparatus and Electron microscope
Reda El-Sayed Mohamed Omar
Tahany Roshdy Abd-Elzaher
Elhosseny Elsayed hosseny Khalil
Ghada Refaat Yousif Mohamed
Metwali Mustafa Ahmed Khatab
Mohamed Mohamed Mahmoud Azab
Rasha Aly Abd El-Macasod El-Hosary
Amany Rashwan Ahmed El-Zehary
Amira Mohamed El-sayed El-shiwy
Karam Khamis Barakat El-Gizawy
Naglaa Fekry Abd El-Hamed
Nevien Ahmed Abd Elmaksoud Ahmed
Ahmed Elhady El-sayed Gomaa
moamen Ahmed mostafa mohamed elbath
Sara Eid Diab
hadeer rashed
maha said mohamed abdallah khalil
Nashwa Shahat Abdelhamid Ibrahim
Toka Fathy Meshal