Faculty of Veterinary Medicine: Department of Physiology

Experience In This Department: 8

Randa Saad Ismail
Mohamed Magdy
Mohamed ElSayed Mohamed Azab
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1 Conducting field diagnosis by ECG.
2 Experimental Design consultant (designing experimental research)
3 Faculty leadership and Development
4 International publication consultant
5 Laboratory diagnosis by spectrophotometer
6 Quality assurance and accreditation
7 Treatment and prevention of animal diseases
8 Writing scientific papers and competitive scientific projects
Abeer Abd El Aleem Abd El Aal Nafeaa
saad shosha
abdelhakim dawoud
Maha Mamdouh Abdel_Gawad Youssef
Walaa Mohamed Salah ElDin Mohamed Hasan Raslan
Amgad Youssif Abd Elkader Youssif
Rasha ElSayed Gouda Azab
sara mohamed hassan ahmed habk