Faculty of Agriculture: Department of Agronomy

Mahmoud El-Zaabalawy Mahmoud El-Badawy
Nasser Khamis Barakat El-Gizawy
# Title type
1 Agriculture chemistry & Environment protection society Membership
2 Egyptian society of Agronomy Membership
Sadiek Abd El-Aziz Sadiek Mehasen
Abd Elhameed Elsayed Khalil Aldababy
Adely Mohamed Morsey
Ahmed Roshdy Mohamed Ahmed
# Title type
1 1) Egyptian Society of Agronomy Membership
2 2) Egyptian Society of Botany. Membership
3 3) Egyptian Society of Weed control. Membership
4 4) Chemical Society and Environmental protection. Membership
5 4) Chemical Society and Environmental protection. Membership
Ali Abd El-Maksoud El-Hosary
El-Sayed Mohamed Hassan Shokr
Elsayed Hefny Mohamed Hefny
Fadel Tolba Zenhom El Sheikh
# Title type
1 Member of the Egyptian Society for Applied Science Sharkia Membership
Gaber Abdelatif Sary
Haroun Mohamed Mohamed Mousa El-Naggar
Hassan Ramadan Ahmed El-Deepah
Mohamed El- Sayied Riad Gomaa
Mohamed Kassem Mohamed Khalifa
Salah Abbas Hassan Allam
# Title type
1 Member of the Egypt. Soc. Agron. Membership
Salah Shafshak
Sedhom Asaad Sedhom
# Title type
1 2) Egyptian Journal of Agronomy
2 Egyptian Journal of Plant Breeding
Seif Attala Seif
Gaber Yehia Mohammed Hammam Gelilah
# Title type
1 Member of the Egypt. Soc. Agron. Membership
Mohamed Ismail Mohamed Salwau
# Title type
1 Member in environmental protection and agricultural chemistry Membership
2 Member of the director and coordinration society of scouting in Qalubia governorate . Membership
3 Member of the directory committee for ochenology scouting at Qalubia governorate . Membership
4 Member of crop science society ,Egypt . Membership
5 Member of environmental friends and protection of Qalubia information center Membership
Muhammad Hany A.Tageldin
# Title type
1 Ex-member of the American Statistical Association memberships
2 Ex-member of the ASA (American Society of Agronomy) memberships
Ahmed Ali Abd El Maksoud El Hosary
# Title type
1 Member of Egyptian Society of Plant Breeding Membership
Ahmed Mohamed Saad Ibrahim
ELsaeed Mohamed Mahmoud ELgedwy
Mohamed Fadel Tolba Zenhom
Amany Kamel Elhabbak
khaled abdelwahed abdelmougod bioumy
Amani Abdelwahab Ibrahim
Asmaa Mohamed Soliman Hamoda
mohamed anwar osman
wafaa ali mohamed ali aboueissa