Faculty of Engineering, Shoubra: Department of Mechanical Engineering

Tamer Samir Mahmoud Abdul Majeed
Karam Mahmoud Hassan El-Shazly
# Title type
1 a. Certificate of esteem and a medal from Engineering Syndicate Award
2 b. Certificate of esteem and a medal from chamber of commerce(optics branch) Award
3 c. Certificate of esteem and a medal from Ministry of Defence Award
4 1) American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Membership
5 2) Syndicate of Egyptian Engineers Membership
6 3) Society of Egyptian Engineers Membership
7 4) American Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME) Membership
Ramadan Youssef Sakr Moustafa
# Title type
1 • Gold Medal, Cairo University, 1989. Award
2 • Gold Medal, Cairo University, 1995. Award
3 • Gold Medal, Engineering Syndicate, 1984. Award
Ahmed Maged Ahmed Mohamed Osman
Ashraf Ahmed Lashin
Eed A. A. Abdel-Hadi
# Title type
1 a. Government of Egypt Distinction Award, 1969-1974 Award
2 b. Visiting Research Assistant, Unversitat Stuttgart, Instiut fur thermodynamik, und warmtech, Fedral Republic of GERMANY, June-October 1980. Membership
3 c. Research and Teaching Assistantships, University of Manitoba, CANADA, Jan. 1982-July 1985. Membership
Fareda Sayed Ahmed
Fouad Helmy sayed Helmy Mahmoud
Ghazy mohamed rateb Assassa
# Title type
1 13. Chief Information Officer, Benha University, since Sept 2009 awards
2 Advisor to Benha University President for Information Technology awards
3 Always distinguished and ranks in the top 5% in the annual (2004-2009) student survey organized in the department of Computer Science, College of Computer and Information Sciences, King Saud University awards
4 Got the distinction award in Mathematics and advanced Mathematics from the Ministry of Education, Egypt, 1962. Awards
5 Graduated from the Advanced Gifted Students Secondary School of Ain Shams, Cairo in1962. This is the top-level secondary school in Egypt where only the top 5 students from each educational region in Egypt may be admitted as intern students for three years Awards
6 Has 10 NASA/ADS-indexed research papers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Awards
7 Has a paper classified by ScienceDirect in top 25 hottest article in March 2006: http://top25.sciencedirect.com/subject/energy/11/journal/energy/03605442/archive/7 Awards
8 Has supervised the second best winning BSc project in Microsoft contest, 2005, College of Computer and Information Sciences, King Saud University. awards
9 Has supervised the top two best BSc graduation projects in the following departments, College of Computer and Information Sciences, King Saud University: awards
10 Has supervised the winning BSc project in the Advanced Electronic Company contest, 2008, College of Computer and Information Sciences, King Saud University. awards
11 Is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) ® from the Institute of Management Consultancy (IMC) in the UK. Also Associate Member of the IMC, UK. Awards
12 Joined the prestigious French National Scientific Research Center (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique ‘CNRS’). Awards
13 Member of the National Council for Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Egypt, since Sept 2009 awards
14 Member of the Strategic Planning Higher Committee at Benha University, since Sept 2009 awards
15 Obtained the degree of Doctor of Sciences ‘Doctorat d’état es Sciences’ with honors in 1976 from the prestigious French engineering school: Ecole Centrale de Lyon & Université de Lyon Awards
16 Participated in consultancy and research assignments for prestigious organizations in France and Italy including Avions Marcel Dassault-Breguet Aviation, Société Nationale d’Etudes et Construction de Moteurs d’Avions (SNECMA), Electricité et Gaz de France (EDF, GDF), Délégation Générale a la recherc Awards
17 Senior Consultant to the Vice Rector Office for Development and Quality at King Saud University, October 2006-June 2009 Awards
18 Associate Member of Institute of Management Consultancy, UK Membership
19 Certified Management Consultant Membership
20 Communication and Information Technology Committee, NDP, Egypt Membership
21 Egyptian Engineers Syndicate, Cairo, Egypt Membership
22 IBM Egypt Consultant Relations Program Membership
23 International Scientific Committee of WASA. Membership
24 International Society for Information Systems, Egypt Membership
25 Management Consultants Association – MCA, Egypt Membership
26 Microsoft VIP program Membership
27 Registered consultant with the IMC Programme Egypt Membership
28 Registered consultant with the International Executive Service Corp - Center for Business Support ‘IESC – CBS’, USAID programme - Egypt Membership
29 Registered consultant with the x-Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Programme Private Sector Development Programme ‘PSDP’- Egypt Membership
30 Saudi Computer Society Membership
31 Scientific and executive committees, the 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th Int’l Conferences for Statistics, Research and Computer Applications, Cairo, 1997,1998, 1999, 2000, 2001. Membership
Hamdy Mohamed Ali Kandiel
Hossam El-Din Mohamed Zakaria
Khairy Hussein Mustafa El Najjar
Maher Gamil Ahmed Fathy Higazy
# Title type
1 A.O.I. (Arab Organization of Industry) Award for Innovation of Solar Water Desalination awards
2 2) Assistant editor of IEF Journal, www.ief-ngo.org , International Energy Foundation (IEF), Tripoli, Libya. Membership
3 3) Mechanical Engineering Society, and Engineering Syndicate, Cairo, Egypt. Membership
4 4) An AIAA Journal, as external reviewer Membership
5 Vice-president of the scientific committee, (First International Conference and Exhibition on: Environmental Impact of Energy and Water Saving on Tourism, Eiews-2007 May). Membership
Mahmoud Ibrahim Hussien Mansour
Mohamed Safwat ZAHRAN
Mohamed Fayek A.M. Abd-Rabbo
# Title type
1 a. B.sc awards in the science and art day presented by late president Nasser Award
2 b. PhD Ministry of defense grant through Leicester University UK Award
3 3) Institution of Mechanical Engineers UK Membership
4 4) Institution of Egyptian Engineers Membership
5 5) Mechanical engineers society. Membership
6 Egyptian code committee for Mechanical works for Ministry of Public Work and Irrigation Membership
7 Egyptian Desalination Society Membership
mohamed salah abas
Mohammad Hassan Hassan Sakr
Mustafa Zaki Zahran
Osama Ezzat Abdellatif
# Title type
1 ABU Special AWARD (representing Egypt) in International Robocon 2007 (Vietnam) Awards
2 First place and Gold Medal in Control Engineering- (representing October 6 University), IEEE Egypt. Egyptian Engineering Day (2009) Awards
3 First Place and Gold Medal (representing October 6 University) among all Egyptian universities in Robocon Egypt 2007 Awards
4 Egyptian Engineers Syndicate Membership
5 Quality assurance and accreditation Center Membership
Ramadan Mohamed Abdel-Aziz
# Title type
1 ASHRAE Cairo Chapter Membership
2 Egyptian Engineering Syndicate as a consultant Engineer. Membership
3 Mechanical Engineer Society. Membership
Samir Sobhy Ayad
# Title type
1 -Research Assistantship at Colorado State University 1976-1980. Award
2 -Consultant for Solar Energy Research Institute, DOE Golden, Colorado USA 1980-1982. Membership
3 -Fellowship at Colorado State University, Fort Collins Colorado, USA. 1997. Membership
4 -Jack Cermak Fellowship, Colorado State University, Fort Collins Colorado USA, 1991. Membership
5 -Membership of Phi Kappa Phi and Sigma Exai honor societies (Colorado chapters USA). Membership
6 Computer resources on the CRAY2 computers from the Scientific Computing Division of the National Center of Atmospheric Research NCAR, 1991, Boulder, Colorado, USA. Membership
7 Fulbright Faculty Enrichment Grant at Pennsylvania State University, State Collage, Pennsylvania, USA 1987. Membership
Sherif Hady Taher Eisa
Tarek Ahmed Fouad Khalifa
# Title type
1 Member of Engineering Syndicate, Egypt Membership
2 Professional Member of The Institute of Metals, London. Membership
Yehia Abdel-Azim Al-Mashad
Abdel-Kader Abdel-Karim Ibrahim
# Title type
1 American Society for Engineering Education Membership
2 Egyptian Engineers Syndicate Membership
3 جمعية لإدارة الأعمال العربية Membership
Ahmed Attia Abd El_Latief Attia
Ahmed Abdel Azim Ahmed
Ahmed Reda Mohamed Ali El Shami
Ali Ali Abdul Aziz Ali
Al_sayed Fahmi Atwan
Attia Hussein Gomaa
# Title type
1 2) Member of Egyptian Society for Operations Research Applications. Membership
2 3) Member of Egyptian Foundrymen’s Society. Membership
3 4) Member of the Association of Engineers Membership
4 Mechanical Membership
El Sayed Youssef Suleiman El Kady
Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Kayedbay Mohamed Moawed
# Title type
1 Member of Egyptian Society Quality Membership
2 Member of Egyptian Society of Engineers Membership
Nabil Mohamed Shafik Abdel-Azim Berbish
# Title type
1 Gold Medal, Cairo University, 1991. Award
2 Silver Medal, Egyptian Engineers Syndicate (1986). Award
Ragab Khalil Ali Khalil
Reda Ibrahim Ahmed Mohamed Afify
# Title type
1 a) Gold Medal, Cairo University, 1991 Award
2 b) Gold Medal, Cairo University, 1995 Membership
3 Gold Medal, Cairo University, 1996. Membership
Reda Ibrahim Ibrahim El-Ghnam
Saber Mahmoud Abdrabbo
Sameh Shawky Habib Abadeer
Sayed Ahmed Abdel-Moneim
# Title type
1 1)Egypt Syndicate of Engineers, Cairo Branch. Membership
2 2)Egyptian Society of Mechanical Engineers. Membership
3 3) Egyptian Society of Refrigeration Membership
Test Staff member 2
Ahmed Mohamad Gafar Marzouk
Maha Mahmoud Aly Lashin
Tamer Abdel-Fattah Abdel-Raouf Khalil
Abdel-Halim Abdel-Mohsen Mahmoud Al-Akbawi
ahmed A. Serageldin
# Title type
1 1) Engineers Association Membership
Ahmed Ali Al-Touhami Suleiman
Ahmed Karam AbdelFattah Mostafa
Ahmed Mohamed Salah Kandil
Ahmed Said Abdel Hafez Zedan
aziza sherif
Baiumy Taha Abdel-Moati El-Assal
Bilal Abdul-Karim Salem
Doaa Mahmoud Abdel-Fattah Ads
El-Awady Attia
El-sayed Hamzah Mansour Abd-el hadi
Gergis Edwar Mehanny Beshay
Hamdy El-Sayed Mohamed El-Sayed
Hamid Farag Hamed Saber
Hany Al-Sawy Abdel-Rahman
Hassanein Abdelmohsen Hassanein Refaey
Hend yasin Mohamed Al-Tantawi
Ibrahim Mahmoud Mohamed MohamedShahin
Islam Hussein Elsayed Hussein Sakkr
Ismail Mahmoud Metwally Alsedik El semary
Khalid Abdel Wahab Mahmoud Ibrahem
Magdy Rashwan Ibrahim
Maha Fathi Abdullah El-Sangaree
Mahmoud Abdelrahman Khedr
Mahmoud Mohamed Elsamanty
Mamdouh Esmat Abdel-Ghani
Mamdouh Wafaa Shawky Hefny
Mohamed Abdel-Salam Fahmi El-Dessouky
Mohamed Ahmed Abd Elrahman Ahmed
Mohamed Hassan Shehata
Mohamed Hussien Bayuomi
Mohamed Reda Aly Abd-Elhamid Salem
# Title type
1 April 2016: Applied Thermal Engineering, Certificate of Reviewing. In recognition of the review made of the journal, The Editors of Applied Thermal Engineering Elsevier, Amsterdam, the Netherlands Award
2 December 2017: Third Scientific Excellence Day (2017) - Benha University – Egypt. Certificate of excellent performance in scientific research and international publication. Award
3 February 2016: In Cooperation with Institution of Chemical Engineers, Chemical Engineering Research and Design, Certificate of Reviewing. In recognition of the review made of the journal, The Editors of Chemical Engineering Research and Design Elsevier, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Award
4 January 2017: In Cooperation with International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Certificate of Reviewing. In recognition of the review made of the journal, The Editors of International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer Elsevier, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Award
5 January 2017: Outstanding Reviewer: In recognition of the contributions made to the quality of the Journal (Applied Thermal Engineering): You have been awarded this recognition as you are within the top 10th percentile of reviewers for the Journal. Award
6 July 2018: Fourth Scientific Excellence Day (2018) - Benha University – Egypt. Certificate of excellent performance in scientific research and international publication. Award
7 May 2018: Applied Thermal Engineering, Certificate of Reviewing. In recognition of the review made of the journal, The Editors of Applied Thermal Engineering Elsevier, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Award
8 American Society for Mechanical Engineering (ASME) Membership
9 Egyptian Engineers Association Membership
Mohamed Saber Ahmed Ibrahim Sokar
# Title type
1 Aegypter-Deutsche Bunds Ausbildung, from 2011 Membership
2 Engineering Syndicate member from 1996 Membership
Mohammed Gamil Mohammed Abdelghany
Mohammed Hani Mahmoud Abdel-Maksoud
Mostafa Abdel-mohimen Hussein
Mostafa El Sayed Abd-Elmonem
# Title type
1 MIS project certificate Award
2 Faculty Council Membership
Rasha Mohamed Elsayed Afify
Samah Samir Mohamed Hasanin
Sayed Abd elwanis Abd alla
Seyed Ali Zian Ali
Tarik Mohamed Tawfeek
Zakaria Ahmed Mohamed Behairy
Abdel-Kareem Karam Abdel-Kareem
Ahmed Omar Mosleh Omar
# Title type
1 1) Engineers Association Membership
Ahmed Abdelfattah Mostafa Kamel
Ahmed Mohi Mohamed Ahmed
Ali Mohammed Ismail Elgazzar
# Title type
1 Benha University " Staff Competition " Award
2 Egyptian engineers association Membership
3 Federation of Arab Engineers Membership
Aly Mohamed Ahmed Soliman
amr monier abdelaliem ibrahim
Ashraf El-sayed Abdel-Aleem
Asmaa Mostafa Rabea
Ehab Abdel-Azim Awad
Islam moustafa kamel
Mahmoud Ahmed Ahmed Hassan Sharaf Eldin
Mahmoud Ismail Ahmad Al-Gazzar
Mohamed Elsayed Abdelaty Elsayed Ahmed
Mohamed Elsayed Mohamed Emam ALi
Mohamed Fouad El-sherbiny El-sayed
Muhamad Abd El-Fatah Hamouda Soliman
Mustafa Mohamed Mahmoud Okasha
nadia hamzawy mohamed
Ramy Gadallah
# Title type
1 Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers (JASNAOE) Membership
2 Japan Welding Society (JWS) Membership
Rasha Mohamed El-syed Afifi Ali
Saber Ragab Abd Allah
Samer Anwar Beskales Agaiby
# Title type
1 NCEES Membership
Abanoub Zaki Abdel-malak Zaki
ahmed abd elftah moustafa kamel elsadek
ahmed saaed mohamed alam
Ayman Karam Shehatah Ali
Helal Anwar Elgammal
Islam Othman Mohamed
# Title type
1 a. Ideal Student award Award
2 b. FullBright Scholarship for completing Bachelor degree at USA universities. Award
3 American Society for Mechanical Engineering (ASME) Membership
Mina Gamal Mourad Abd Elmalek
Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Emam
mohamed mohy mohamed abdalhadi
Mohamed Zaki Ismail
Mostafa Mokhtar
mustafa essam lotfy hussain orban
# Title type
1 Fekra national team presenter and head of PR team from 2013 to 2016 Membership
2 Research assistant in MSL Membership
3 head for families sector on shoubra faculty of engineering union Membership
said abd el kerem mustafa
Tamer Ramadan Hassan Badawi
Ibrahim moussa Ibrahim
Mamdouh Mohamed El-Sayed Soliman
Mervat Tawfik Mahmoud Abd Elrahman
Abdul Salam Hamid Hussein Badr
Ahmed Mohamed Abdelhamed Ghaith
Atef Abdel-azim Aly Mohamed
Hisham Morsi Abdel-Rahman Tantawi
Iman Mahmoud Mohamed Elkomy
Mohamed Hamdi Gooda Ghaith
Rady Mohamed Ahmed Sleim
Raouf Tawfik Fahmy
Said Wahba Shehata
Sami Ali Ahmed Al Qadi