Benha University
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Total number of Publications in the university is 35217

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Abstract Full text Title only Total Dr Non-Dr Total
Agriculture3026181148372860288213904837 287 104252Maher Hasab El-Nabi Khalil(167)
Applied Arts73981711188634171 42 152742Yaser Mohamed Suhail(22)
Arts69863413327224925351332 209 352560Adel Kamal Khedr (61)
Commerce363345708426254242708 132 275178Ahmed Z. Afify(31)
Computers and Artificial Intelligence52641693576146101693 52 102939Assoc. Prof. Ahmad Taher Azar(257)
Education65673513918414794191391 152 451762Gamal mohamed Abo Elwafa(92)
Engineering, Benha5951278187312828045341873 232 244872Hassan Nasr Ahmed Ismail(121)
Engineering, Shoubra1598330449022997189916524902 468 6066147Ghazy mohamed rateb Assassa(88)
Law2351273627254271362 36 51722Ashraf Tawfik Shams El Dien(56)
Medicine4639474893875320340938279387 1321 21669296Mahmoud Hamdy M. Aly(91)
Nursing18148566657243658666 136 34043Soad Abdel Salaam Ramadan(30)
Physical Education20846267061359221670 149 21315Yaser Mahfouz Atwa Saad Elgohari(20)
Science1768261143792207125220184379 321 354385Alaa El-Sayed Ahmed Ahmed Amin(187)
Specific Education32630963546736493635 150 6612Omar Ahmed Emam(29)
Veterinary Medicine1486172532111939165610493211 223 202444Fahim Aziz El-Dein Mohamed Shaltout(244)
University Total 15904 19313 35217 35217 3910 1069 Assoc. Prof. Ahmad Taher Azar(257)
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