Benha University
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Total number of Publications in the university is 34543

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Abstract Full text Title only Total Dr Non-Dr Total
Agriculture2992177047622788282013894762 284 104151Maher Hasab El-Nabi Khalil(167)
Applied Arts59951541046935154 34 183149Yaser Mohamed Suhail(22)
Arts68963413237134835351323 206 362763Adel Kamal Khedr (61)
Commerce358344702420249242702 128 275279Ahmed Z. Afify(31)
Computers and Informatics4662567156714795671 57 63137Assoc. Prof. Ahmad Taher Azar(198)
Education64473213768264744191376 150 432164Gamal mohamed Abo Elwafa(92)
Engineering, Benha5911240183112507905241831 230 224870Hassan Nasr Ahmed Ismail(121)
Engineering, Shoubra1575327848532944188316554853 467 6166148Ghazy mohamed rateb Assassa(88)
Law2351273627254271362 36 51722Ashraf Tawfik Shams El Dien(56)
Medicine4476464791235074323938119123 1301 22873306Mahmoud Hamdy M. Aly(91)
Nursing16046662652939061626 131 43034Soad Abdel Salaam Ramadan(30)
Physical Education20046266260557629662 148 21416Yaser Mahfouz Atwa Saad Elgohari(20)
Science1764258443482178123520164348 317 354486Alaa El-Sayed Ahmed Ahmed Amin(187)
Specific Education30131161245036087612 150 5611Omar Ahmed Emam(29)
Veterinary Medicine1466167231381884159410473138 219 202747Fahim Aziz El-Dein Mohamed Shaltout(229)
University Total 15556 18987 34543 34543 3858 1083 Fahim Aziz El-Dein Mohamed Shaltout(229)
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