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International Journals :

International Journal of Science and Advanced Technology (IJSAT)
Url: http://www.ijsat.com/

Healthcare Quarterly | Vol. 15 Special Issue | April 2012 | |Patient Safety Papers Issue 6
Url: http://www.longwoods.com/publications/healthcare-quarterly/22827

Healthcare Quarterly | Vol. 13 Special Issue | September 2010 | Patient Safety Papers Issue 5
Url: http://www.longwoods.com/publications/healthcare-quarterly/21922

Healthcare Quarterly | Vol. 12 Special Issue | August 2009 | Patient Safety Papers Issue 4
Url: http://www.longwoods.com/publications/healthcare-quarterly/604

Healthcare Quarterly | Vol. 11 Special Issue | March 2008 | Patient Safety Papers Issue 3
Url: http://www.longwoods.com/publications/healthcare-quarterly/538

Healthcare Quarterly | Vol. 9 Special Issue | October 2006 | Patient Safety Papers Issue 2
Url: http://www.longwoods.com/publications/healthcare-quarterly/452

Healthcare Quarterly | Vol. 8 Special Issue | October 2005 | Patient Safety Papers Issue 1
Url: http://www.longwoods.com/publications/healthcare-quarterly/399

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Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research
Url: http://www.emeraldinsight.com

Journal of Islamic Marketing
Url: http://www.emeraldinsight.com

International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management
Url: http://www.emeraldinsight.com

Education, Business and Society: Contemporary Middle Eastern Issues
Url: http://www.emeraldinsight.com

Islamic Economics and Finance: An Epistemological Inquiry
Url: http://www.emeraldinsight.com

JNBH: Journal of Neuroscience and Behavioural Health
Url: www.academicjournals.org/JNBH

AISS (EI, SCOPUS cited): Call for Papers, Editors and Special (Invited) Issues
AISS: Advances in Information Sciences and Service Sciences
Url: http://www.aicit.org/aiss

JNIT: Journal of Next Generation Information Technology
Url: http://www.humanpub.org/jnit

IJIPM: International Journal of Information Processing and Management
Url: http://www.humanpub.org/ijipm

IJIIP: International Journal of Intelligent Information Processing
Url: http://www.humanpub.org/ijiip

JCIS: Journal of Communications and Information Sciences
Url: http://www.humanpub.org/jcis

IJIPM (International Journal of Information Processing and Management)
Journal Url: http://www.humanpub.org/ijipm
Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Richard Y. K. Fung
University: City University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
University Url: http://www.cityu.edu.hk

JNIT (Journal of Next Generation Information Technology)
Journal Url: http://www.humanpub.org/jnit
Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Michael N. Vrahatis
University: University of Patras, Greece
University Url: http://www.upatras.gr

JCIS (Journal of Communications and Information Sciences)
Journal Url: http://www.humanpub.org/jcis
Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Justin Shi
University: Temple University, USA
University Url: http://www.temple.edu

IJIIP (International Journal of Intelligent Information Processing)
Journal Url: http://www.humanpub.org/ijiip
Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Kenji Suzuki
University: The University of Chicago, USA
University Url: http://www.uchicago.edu